Queen Margrethe’s back surgery prevents her from attending King Charles’s Coronation – Royal Central

Picture by i-Images / Pool

Queen Margrethe of Denmark is unable to attend the Coronation of King Charles III on 6 May due to recovery from her extensive back surgery that took place earlier this year.

The Danish Royal Court has told the Danish media that the Queen will not attend due to her ongoing rehabilitation from her back operation. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary will attend on behalf of the Danish Royal Family.

Currently, Queen Margrethe is only undertaking a reduced level of activity. She is said to be recovering well from her operation, but the rehabilitation will continue for an extended period. As a result, her official schedule will have a lower activity level than usual.

After a long period of increasing back pain, it was decided early in February that Queen Margrethe would have surgery.

This year’s operation was her second back surgery after a previous operation 20 years ago for spinal stenosis – a narrow spinal canal. The Royal Court has not given much detail on why the Queen had a second surgery. The Queen expects to be back at work from 16 April.

Queen Margrethe was last in the UK for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, where she sat in the front row alongside Crown Prince Frederik.

Queen Margrethe also postponed her planned summer tour on the royal yacht Dannebrog in March until 2024. Other visits have also been postponed due to her back issues.

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