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Picture by Schneider-Press / i-Images

The Danish Parliament is in support of Prince Joachim receiving his allowance when he and his family move to the United States later this year.

The only parties are not in favour of the Danish Prince—whose children lost their princely titles on 1 January and the announcement of which caused a great uproar in Denmark last fall—were members of the SF, Enhedslisten and Alternativet, according to reports from Danish broadcaster TV2.

Franciska Rosenkilde, a member of Alternativet, said that her party’s opposition is purely due to the nature of Prince Joachim’s new job.

On the floor of the Parliament, Rosenkilde said, “We do not believe that the Danish government should spend almost four million kroner annually to hire a lobbyist to look after the interests of the arms industry—regardless of whether the person has the title of prince or not. If Dansk Erhverv or Dansk Industri thinks it is relevant, then they can employ him on general terms. It should not be the state’s task.”

Because Prince Joachim’s new job will continue to keep him out of Denmark, it is required by the Danish constitution that his allowance is debated in Parliament. Princess Marie receives no funding, nor do any of his children.

Danish media reports that it seems very likely that Prince Joachim will continue to receive his allowance, as most members from other parties all seem to hold favourable opinions of the royal and his work as a Danish military attaché to France.

In March, the Danish Royal Court confirmed rumours that Prince Joachim would move to Washington, D.C., in the fall of 2023, when his position in Paris ends.

In a statement, the Royal Court announced that Prince Joachim would work with the Ministry of Defence via the Danish Embassy as an industry attaché who will strengthen ties with the United States and Canada.

His position begins on 1 September and will last three years, with the potential to renew upon the end of his term. Prince Joachim and his family will move to Washington in the summer.

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