King Willem-Alexander to reveal what his reign has been like so far – in a podcast – Royal Central

Tonny Media/ Koninklijkhuis still/ fair use

As he approaches the tenth anniversary of his reign, King Willem-Alexander has decided to share his experiences as monarch so far and he’s doing it in a podcast.

The King of the Netherlands has recorded ten special episodes which will be released over ten weeks around the time that he marks this milestone.

Each podcast is a conversation with radio presenter, Edwin Evers. They will talk about each year of the king’s reign at a time, starting with 2013 when his ascended the throne on the abdication of his mother, Princess Beatrix, and ending with a look ahead to the future.

In the trailer, King Willem-Alexander is seen laughing and chatting happily as he begins to address how his reign has developed so far.

‘Through the Eyes of a King’ has been made by Tonny Media on behalf of the Government Information Service of the Netherlands.

It will be released on podcast platforms from April 6th 2023.

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