Denmark’s Royal Court reveals when Queen Margrethe hopes to return to duty after surgery – Royal Central

Queen Margrethe of Denmark expects to be able to resume all her constitutional duties by the middle of April, almost two months after extensive back surgery.

As plans for her 83rd birthday were announced, the Royal Court in Copenhagen confirmed that the Queen of Denmark hopes to take up all her powers again on the same day.

It means that other members of her family will continue to act as regent until at least April 16th 2023.

Queen Margrethe underwent planned surgery on February 22nd and remained in hospital for a week afterwards before continuing her recuperation at home.

Since then, her elder son, Crown Prince Frederik, and her sister, Princess Benedikte, have taken on the duty of the regency in turn. The Crown Prince is currently regent until the end of March 2023.

The Royal Court said that Queen Margrethe’s recovery was going well but there would still be engagements she couldn’t carry out as she got better and those would be announced as and when.

Queen Margrethe will celebrate her birthday with a balcony appearance. It is likely to be her first public appearance since her surgery.

On April 16th, as she turns 83, Her Majesty will appear on the balcony of Christian IX’s Palace at Amalienborg with her family. Just before that, there will be a ceremonial changing of the guard at the palace.

Margrethe II has ruled Denmark since January 1972 and is now the longest reigning monarch in Europe.

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