The Prince and Princess of Wales step in to help food bank gutted by thieves – Royal Central

The Prince and Princess of Wales have offered to restock a Swansea food bank after it was robbed over the weekend.

The St. Thomas Church in Swansea reported over the weekend that their food bank had been robbed, and all the food had been stolen, as well as items, including baby toys and a bike.

Earlier in the week, Reverend Steve Bunting told reporters that they’d had to turn people away because they didn’t have the means to help. The St. Thomas Church food bank supports around 200 people ordinarily and is a vital service in the local community.

The incident made news, and it wasn’t long before William and Catherine contacted Reverend Bunting.

In a new interview on 7 June, he revealed the royal couple had been in touch.

“I’ve no idea how they got wind of the story, but I got a phone call early today expressing that the Prince and Princess of Wales were concerned about what happened,” said Reverend Bunting.

He added that the royals wanted to replace all the food themselves. “They very much want to do that.”

He said he couldn’t believe who he was talking to, but the overwhelming support from the community meant that the food bank had been “overwhelmed by kindness, from people dropping in £5 to the phone call this morning” over the past 48 hours.

William and Catherine visited the St. Thomas Church food bank in September 2022 on their first visit to Wales since being granted the titles of the principality. At the time, Catherine described the food bank as a “lifeline.”

Reverend Bunting said that the royals’ offer was part and parcel of being a part of the team, “although a very distant part,” and that during their call, they offered love and support to the entire community.

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