Charles signs off ‘King-sized’ pay rise and bonus for lowly staff working round the clock for his Coronation

KING Charles has signed off a six per cent pay rise for the lowest-paid staff working round-the-clock for his Coronation.

He has also agreed generous £600 “thank-yous” for the unheralded employees such as cleaners and footmen.


King Charles has signed off a pay rise and a generous £600 bonus for the lowest-paid staff working for his CoronationCredit: Alamy
The Coronation boost is the second since his accession last September


The Coronation boost is the second since his accession last SeptemberCredit: Getty

The Coronation bonus is coming directly out of the Privy Purse so no taxpayers’ money is being used, it is understood.

A source said: “Everyone is delighted.

“They enjoy working for the King and it helps to get a king-sized pay rise!

“Many faced pay freezes during Covid-19 when the royal properties were closed to tourists.

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“This is a reward and a thank you to the lowest paid workers – many of whom do their job out of a sense of duty to the sovereign and the Crown rather than for the money.”

The Coronation boost is the second time since Charles’ accession last September that he has increased staff pay.

Many feared he would embark on a cost-cutting exercise when he finally took the Crown.

However, he is keeping Clarence House as a family home and dividing his working days between Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

Last November, he agreed a £600 bonus for hundreds of staff earning under £30,000-a-year to pay their winter heating bills.

Those earning between £30,000 and £40,000 received £400 extra in their pay packet.

And royal workers who paid between £40,000 and £45,000 saw £350 extra in their bank this month.

While single people living in accommodation provided by the Royal Household got £200 of help.

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