May 7: Today in Royal History

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Feodor III, Tsar of All Russia;  Credit – Wikipedia

May 7, 1682 – Death of Feodor III, Tsar of All Russia in Moscow, Russia; buried at the Cathedral of the Archangel in Moscow, Russia
When Feodor’s father Alexei I, Tsar of All Russia died in 1676, he was succeeded by 15-year-old Feodor. Even though Feodor had been well educated and had a fine intellect, he had a  debilitating physical condition that prevented him from really reigning. In 1682, at the age of 20, Feodor died childless and without making an order concerning the succession to the throne. This was eventually resolved by the decision to have two tsars at the same time – Feodor’s brother Ivan V and his half-brother Peter I (the Great) under the regency of Sofia Alexeevna, Feodor’s eldest sister.
Unofficial Royalty: Feodor III, Tsar of All Russia

May 7, 1718 – Death of Maria Beatrice of Modena, Queen of England, second wife of King James II of England, at Château St. Germain-en-Laye near Paris, France; buried at the Abbey of Visitation of St. Mary in Chaillot, France, her remains were lost when the convent was looted and destroyed during the French Revolution but her viscera were found and were reburied at the Chapel of the College of the Scots in Paris
15-year-old Maria Beatrice became the second wife of 40-year-old James, Duke of York, brother of King Charles II of England. Between 1675 and 1684, Maria Beatrice had ten pregnancies and gave birth to five live children, all of whom died young. After her husband, who had converted to Catholicism, succeeded to the throne as King James II of England, Maria Beatrice gave birth to a son who survived. Fearful of a return to Catholicism, some members of Parliament began what is called the Glorious Revolution. King James II was overthrown and the family fled to France. After her husband’s death, Maria Beatrice began to periodically stay at the Convent of the Visitations in Chaillot, France, where she befriended Louise de La Vallière, one of Louis XIV’s mistresses who had become a nun.  She was buried at the Convent of the Visitations in Chaillot, a place she greatly loved.
Unofficial Royalty: Maria Beatrice of Modena, Queen of England

May 7, 1767 – Birth of Princess Frederica of Prussia, Duchess of York, wife of Prince Frederick, Duke of York, at Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin, Kingdom of Prussia, now in Germany
Full name: Friederike Charlotte Ulrike Katharina
Frederica was the only child of the future King Friedrich Wilhelm II of Prussia and his first wife and first cousin, Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Lüneburg. Her mother was placed under house arrest as a prisoner of the state when she became pregnant with the child of her lover, a musician named Pietro. She remained imprisoned until her death, 71 years later. Frederica’s marriage to Frederick, Duke of York was unsuccessful. Frederick was unfaithful and the couple was unable to have children. In 1794, the couple separated and Frederica lived out her life at Oatlands Park in Weybridge, Surrey, England. Frederick and Frederica remained on good terms and the couple never caused any scandal.
Unofficial Royalty: Princess Frederica of Prussia, Duchess of York

May 7, 1818 – Wedding of Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge, son of King George III of the United Kingdom, and Princess Augusta of Hesse-Kassel in the Landgraviate of Hesse-Kassel, now in Hesse, Germany
The groom was 44 and the bride was 20.  Despite the age difference, the marriage was a happy one and Adolphus was very much in love with Augusta.  The couple lived in the Kingdom of Hanover from 1818 – 1837 while Adolphus served his father and then his two brothers, King George IV and King William IV, as Viceroy of Hanover. Upon their return to England, Adolphus and Augusta lived at Cambridge House and later at St. James’s Palace, both in London.  Adolphus and Augusta are ancestors of the British Royal Family through their daughter Mary Adelaide, the mother of Queen Mary, wife of King George V.
Unofficial Royalty: Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge
Unofficial Royalty: Princess Augusta of Hesse-Kassel, Duchess of Cambridge

May 7, 1895 – Death of Susanna Innes-Ker, Duchess of Roxburghe, Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Victoria, at her home in Hereford Gardens, London, England; buried in the Innes-Ker family crypt at the Bowden Kirk, in Bowden, Roxburghshire, England
Born Susanna Stephania Dalbiac, she was the daughter of Lieutenant-General Sir James Dalbiac, a British Army officer and Member of Parliament. She married James Innes-Ker, 6th Duke of Roxburghe.
Unofficial Royalty: Susanna Innes-Ker, Duchess of Roxburghe

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