What time are the gun salutes for King Charles’ coronation and where will they be?

GUN salutes are an old tradition across the UK, and are often used during royal events such as the coronation.

But what are gun salutes and how many will be fired for the King?


Gun salutes fired from the Tower of LondonCredit: EPA

What is a Royal Gun Salute?

A Royal Gun Salute is a sign of respect or welcome, which is fired both on land and at sea.

It follows an old tradition and is fired on special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries.

The tradition of firing a gun salute is dated to the early days of sail.

Before entering a foreign port’ ships would fire all their guns at sea to show they come in peace.

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Who gets a Royal Gun Salute?

Royal Gun Salutes are fired on these following anniversaries:

However gun salutes are also fired to mark royal births or deaths, during the State Opening of Parliament or when a visiting Head of State meets King Charles in London, Windsor or Edinburgh.

What does a 21 gun salute mean?

A 21 gun salute is the most common gun salute, which is known in countries all over the world.

It means that a cannon or artillery is fired 21 times as a military honour.

The 21 gun salute is used for Heads of State visits.

What does a 41 gun salute mean?

A 41 gun salute is a basic 21 gun salute with 20 extra added when being fired from a Royal Park or palace.

For example, Hyde Park and Green Park in London are Royal Parks and therefore add 20 extra rounds.

What does a 62 gun salute mean?

At the Tower of London 62 gun salutes are fired on royal anniversaries.

Since it is a Royal Palace it has a further 20 rounds added.

However the Tower of London is also located in the City of London, so gets another 21 rounds.

What does a 82 gun salute mean?

During the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II there was a 82 gun salute in Hyde Park in London.

Given it was the Queen’s official birthday and her Platinum Jubilee in June 2022 the number doubled from 41 to 82.

What does a 96 gun salute mean?

When Queen Elizabeth II died in September 2023, a 96 gun salute was fired to mark her life.

It took more than 15 minutes to complete the salute with a round fired every ten seconds.

How many gun salutes will there be for King Charles’ coronation?

For King Charles’ coronation there will be a six gun salvo.

It is the first time in British history and will be fired at the moment the crown touches his head.

Captain Tom Chinnery, Centre Section Commander, told Forces News: “We’ll be firing a salvo, which is all six guns firing at the same time.”

There will also be gun salutes across the Commonwealth.

What time are the gun salutes for King Charles’ coronation?

The six gun salvo will be fired at midday during the coronation.

Royal Fortresses across the country will fire 21 gun salutes at approximately 12 noon on Saturday, May 6.

Where will the gun salutes for King Charles’ coronation be?

The six gun salvo will be fired from Horse Guards Parade.

The gunfire will then be heard within Westminster Abbey, where the coronation will take place.

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However the salutes will be heard across the country and on Royal Navy ships.

Canada announced that they will mark the coronation with a 21 gun salute in Ottawa.

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