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Photo: Grand Ducal Court / Lola Velasco / all rights reserved

Luxembourg’s line of succession is governed by absolute primogeniture from Grand Duke Henri’s descendants. This change took effect in 2011 – before that, females couldn’t inherit the throne.

At that time, Grand Duke Henri issued a decree allowing female legitimate descendants of his to inherit the throne, depending on their order of birth. If a sister is born before a younger brother (as was in the case of Princess Amalia and Prince Liam), the Princess ranks ahead of her brother in the line of succession.

The current line of succession to inherit the Luxembourgish throne is as follows:

  1. Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume
  2. Prince Charles
  3. Prince Francois
  4. Prince Felix
  5. Princess Amalia
  6. Prince Liam
  7. Princess Alexandra
  8. Prince Sebastien
  9. Prince Guillaume
  10. Prince Paul Louis
  11. Prince Leopold
  12. Prince Jean Andre
  13. Prince Robert
  14. Prince Alexandre
  15. Prince Frederik

Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa’s son, Prince Louis, renounced his and his descendants’ rights to the throne upon his marriage to Tessy Antony in 2006.

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