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The King’s Coronation Medal was unveiled by the government soon after Charles III was crowned, as was the list of people who would receive it.

More than 400,000 Coronation Medals were distributed, according to the Culture Secretary, including everyone involved in the 6 May ceremony.

Members of the Armed Forces and frontline first responders, including police, fire, emergency services, and prison services, were also at the top of the list. To be considered, a frontline worker must have served for five full calendar years.

“The Coronation Medal will act as a reminder of the important part each person has played in this moment of history,” said Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer. “From our Armed Forces who protect our country to the emergency services who care for us at home, alongside those volunteers who are giving up their time to make this event so special, I am delighted that we can mark their contribution to this special day, and for each and every day that they go above and beyond serving their country.”

For those who participated in the Coronation, the government announced that everyone, “including choristers, police officers, military personnel, and St John Ambulance personnel…as well as those directly involved…” are eligible to receive the medal.

Those who have received the George Cross or the Victoria Cross and are still living are also eligible to receive the King’s Coronation Medal.

The King’s Coronation Medal is struck with nickel silver and plated in silver and features the profiles of King Charles III and Queen Camilla on the front. The back features the Royal Cypher, the date of the Coronation and a laurel wreath. The ribbon is red, white and blue—the colours of the United Kingdom’s flag.

The King Coronation Medal was designed by Martin Jennings, who also designed King Charles’s effigy for new coins.

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