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Queen Camilla “has not won the nation’s hearts” but she has undergone a “PR miracle” with the British people, according to a leading public relations expert.

The Queen saw the public attribute blame for King Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce to her, as such she’s had to fight for the nation’s approval ever since entering the royal fold.

She formally became part of the family on 9 April 2005, tying the knot with the then-Prince Charles at Windsor Guildhall.

PR expert Luana Ribeira explained how, from her expert perspective, Camilla eventually earned acceptance from the British people.

She told GB News: “I’m not sure Queen Camilla will ever fully win over the hearts of the people.

“The mere fact there even is a Queen Camilla is a PR miracle of sorts when you consider the vehement feelings the British public had about her during the 1990s.”

The Dauntless PR founder branded the Queen as “no-nonsense”.

She went on: “Queen Camilla is the kind of straight-talking, no-nonsense person who is never going to make people dewy-eyed at the sound of her name. I don’t think she will ever be truly loved by the British public but I think she has earned their grudging respect.”

The PR boss had some sage advice for the Queen on how she could finally win the nation’s affection.

She said: “Queen Camilla’s best course of action is to continue exactly as she is, quietly carrying out her duties as the King’s wife and the champion of many charities and good causes.

“Queen Camilla has proved herself to be a loyal and devoted partner, even during the years she was demonised as Britain’s most hated woman.

“She has shown us that she isn’t going anywhere and she will continue to show up and carry out her duties, regardless of what people may think about her. This ‘keep calm and carry on’ spirit is a crucial part of her redemption arc.

“While it might not have won the nation’s hearts, it has earned their acceptance.”

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