Teacher who met Kate and Prince William BANNED from teaching after sending ‘aggressively sexual’ texts to student

A HISTORY teacher who met the Prince and Princess of Wales has been banned from teaching after flooding a teenage student with “aggressively sexual” texts.

Divorced mum-of-three Lindsey Bauer abused her position by making advances and sending overtly sexual messages to the male grammar school pupil.


Teacher Lindsay Bauer was accused of bombarding a teenage student with flirty textsCredit: BEN LACK
Bauer met Wills and Kate in Tresco in 2016


Bauer met Wills and Kate in Tresco in 2016Credit: Ben Lack
Bauer, also an art model, writer and academic, made 'inappropriate advances' towards a student


Bauer, also an art model, writer and academic, made ‘inappropriate advances’ towards a studentCredit: BEN LACK

She shared snaps of her with Prince William and Princess Kate when she appeared on BBC Radio 4 show, Woman’s Hour, to talk about building trust with students.

Bauer, 46, also an art model, writer and academic, had met the royal couple in 2016, during an official visit to their favourite staycation spot of Tresco, a tiny island in the Isles of Scilly.

Kate had been seen chatting with the teacher who wore an eye-catching floral kimono, bought second-hand from a hospital charity shop.

Bauer taught history and geography at posh Colyton Grammar School, Devon, and in 2019, she was Head of History. 

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But three years later she was banned from the profession for at least five years by teaching watchdogs.

She admitted failing to maintain appropriate professional boundaries with the student, a judgment revealed.

The ruling didn’t name the school, but Colyton Grammar School has confirmed to The Sun Online that the misconduct happened there.


The allegations include “suggesting they arrange face-to-face meetings, making inappropriate advances, and communicating with the student outside school without good reason on matters that did not relate to the curriculum”.

She also admitted abusing her position of trust “by encouraging the student in activity which was viewed to be sexual in nature”.

She denied her behaviour was sexually motivated but the Teaching Regulation Agency Panel found all the allegations proven and recommended an “indefinite ban”.

Ms Mona Sood, who chaired the hearing behind closed doors, added: “The Panel then went on to make findings that Ms Bauer was guilty of unacceptable professional conduct and conduct that may bring the profession into disrepute.

“Ms Bauer failed to maintain appropriate professional boundaries with a pupil at a secondary school and abused her position of trust, which included engaging in inappropriate communications with the pupil which the Panel concluded was sexually motivated.”

A Colyton Grammar School spokesperson said: “Following a timely investigation instigated by us in line with our commitment to the wellbeing and safeguarding of our students, we can confirm that a former employee has received a prohibition order from the TRA.”

A source with knowledge of the situation told The Sun Online that Bauer’s conduct, which occurred between 2018-2020, was revealed following an anonymous tip off to the school.

The school then launched an investigation and disciplinary action, before Bauer was referred to the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA). The police were also involved.


The source said Bauer then made steps to gag the TRA from publishing certain information which is why there was a ten-month delay in the report being made public.

The source said: “The TRA’s hands were tied when it came to publication as there was a court order in place that’s been overturned.

“Lindsey takes no responsibility for her actions, although there was no physical contact, the messages sent were aggressively sexual.”

Bauer began a new career as an artist’s model in her 40s for portrait, sculpture, painting and photography students in Florence and London.

In an online profile she boasts her new line of work has given her a “happy kick” and is “liberating”, allowing her to be a “free spirit”.
She said a local Devon sculptor has even used her body as a template to create a bronze sea nymph that was exhibited in Surrey.

And in an arty snap she shared, the ex-teacher is seen wearing a bright red PVC catsuit, a mask and devil horns.

Oxford educated Bauer is currently a tutor at Bristol University and the author of Implosion, 23 true stories of women who rebuilt shattered lives.

The mum-of-three formerly ran a business called Otti Prams, selling designer prams and pushchairs through outlets such as House of Fraser and Mothercare.


Wills and Kate made an official visit to the island of Tresco in 2016, but have regularly holidayed there as a family since.

The tiny island is part of the Duchy of Cornwall and therefore owned by King Charles.

Bauer shared photos of herself with the royal couple while still working as a teacher in May 2019.

She is seen presenting a smiling Kate with a small bouquet of flowers and the pair looked deep in conversation.

The meeting came shortly before Bauer’s slot on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour for a feature on “How can you dress for success at work”.

She tweeted Kensington Royal, the official palace Twitter feed: “Just in case it’s in Monday’s Woman’s Hour this is the orange charity shop (Hospiscare) kimono I wore on the totally surprising day I met Kate Middleton on Tresco (only had teeny posy).

“She was sparky and in (love heart icon) with my kimono!”.

On Woman’s Hour she told listeners: “I think how you dress is such a good way of connecting with people, especially with students.

“I really love working with teenagers and being a teacher. Until you get to know teenagers, you can be quite awkward around each other, but wearing something a little bit different, or something a bit interesting, really helps to break the ice.

“It can also help with students who are a little bit tricky.”

The teaching ban was imposed on Bauer in May 2022 after a hearing in April. 

But details were only revealed on March 1 when the TRA issued an update.

When approached by The Sun Online, Bauer confirmed she had been spoken to by police, but insisted they concluded she posed “absolutely no risk”. 

Devon & Cornwall Police didn’t respond to a request for information.

“I was overwhelmed with stress and very apologetic for my actions,” said Bauer of her contact with the teen.

“I never ever sought to be in that situation. Nothing actually physically happened. I was extremely vulnerable going through a very difficult divorce and other huge challenges simultaneously.”

Bauer said the fall out from the scandal had been “incredibly difficult”, but added: “I have worked really hard to build a new life and I realise that when overwhelmed with considerable stress, I wasn’t thinking properly or able to receive help to manage my stresses and I have apologised to anyone involved at the time.”

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Bauer says the teenager was “an A-level student” – making him 16 or 17. 

The Prince and Princess of Wales were on an official visit to Tresco when Kate stopped to chat with Bauer and commented on her floral kimono


The Prince and Princess of Wales were on an official visit to Tresco when Kate stopped to chat with Bauer and commented on her floral kimonoCredit: BEN LACK
Bauer was Head of History at Colyton Grammar School in Devon before being banned from teaching


Bauer was Head of History at Colyton Grammar School in Devon before being banned from teachingCredit: Ben Lack
The teacher apologised for her actions citing 'overwhelming stress'


The teacher apologised for her actions citing ‘overwhelming stress’Credit: Ben Lack

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