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The Spencer Honeysuckle Tiara is the versatile historic Heirloom of the illustrious Spencer Family, which has been worn by generations of Countess Spencer and now belongs to the 9th Earl Spencer, who celebrates his 60th Birthday!

Spencer Honeysuckle Tiara | Spencer Tiara | Spencer Diamond Earrings | Spencer Diamond Rivière | Tourmaline Brooch/Pendant

Composed of nine diamond ‘honeysuckle’ elements atop a diamond greek key base, this Tiara has been regularly modified over the years, with an earlier version featuring three ‘honeysuckle’ elements in the middle of the greek key base. The exact origin of the Tiara is unknown, but it is no doubt a historic family heirloom, on par with other jewels, like the Spencer Diamond Earrings and the Spencer Diamond Rivière, which are over three centuries old.

The Spencer Honeysuckle Tiara was photographed on 5th Countess Spencer, who is thought to have received it as a wedding gift in 1858. A Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Victoria, Lady Spencer wore the Tiara at the Wedding of the Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra of Denmark in Windsor Castle in 1863.

Countess Spencer was also drawn wearing a version of the Tiara in 1872, later being pictured in the Tiara with the Spencer Diamond Rivière for a series of portraits in 1885.

A few generations later, the Spencer Honeysuckle Tiara was most frequently worn by Cynthia, the 7th Countess Spencer, who was a Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, and wore the Tiara for a Pagent at Althorp in 1932, the State Opening of Parliament, and for the Royal Visit to Paris in 1938,

Countess Spencer also wore the Honeysuckle Tiara at a Gala Performance in 1950, for the Danish State Visit to Britain in 1951, at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, and at an army dinner in 1956.

The Honeysuckle Tiara was next worn by Raine, the next Countess Spencer for the Wedding Ball of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer at Buckingham Palace in 1981, which was its last appearance.

While she wore the other Spencer Tiara on countless occasions, the late Diana, Princess of Wales was never photographed wearing the Spencer Honeysuckle Tiara, and the image above is just photoshopped.

However, despite having never worn it, the Honeysuckle Tiara was a part of the traveling Diana Exhibition for years, often misleadingly labeled as ‘Princess Diana’s Crown’. Since the conclusion of the exhibition, the Tiara has returned to the Spencer vault in London, but has yet to be worn by the current Countess Spencer.

Spencer Honeysuckle Tiara | Spencer Tiara | Spencer Diamond Earrings | Spencer Diamond Rivière | Tourmaline Brooch/Pendant


Spencer Honeysuckle Tiara

Spencer Tiara

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Spencer Diamond Rivière

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