Royal News Recap for Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19, 2024

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United Kingdom

  • British Monarchy: A message from The King on the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino
  • CNN: Opinion: What I noticed immediately about King Charles’ portrait
  • Daily Beast: Harry & Meghan Push Back on Nigerian ‘Wanted Fugitive’ Claim
  • Daily Mail: Prince William is set to be an usher at the Duke of Westminster’s ‘society wedding of the year’ but Harry won’t be there ‘after turning down invite because he thought he should have got the job’
  • Daily Mail: Daily Mail: Revealed: Meghan and Prince Harry were flown around Nigeria for free with ‘top-tier treatment’ by airline whose chairman is a fugitive wanted in the US over $20M money laundering operation
  • Daily Mail: Prince Edward ‘forever grateful’ for ‘overwhelming’ and ‘touching’ support from royal chaplains after death of late Queen – as he recalls ’emotional’ months
  • Daily Mail: Lady Louise Windsor looks ready for action as she competes in the Windsor Park Carriage Driving Trials
  • Daily Mail: Lady Gabriella Windsor’s heartbreak: How the royal is marking wedding anniversary without her beloved husband Thomas Kingston – five years after they dazzled in glorious Windsor nuptials, writes CLAUDIA JOSEPH
  • Daily Mail: The jewels & the crown: The secrets of auctioning Princess Margaret’s £5,500 wedding tiara for £926,400
  • Daily Mail: King Charles did not meet with Prince Harry as he was busy rewarding senior peer who masterminded his Coronation and Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, EMILY PRESCOTT reveals
  • Daily Mail: King’s portrait artist Jonathan Yeo reveals he had a heart attack before his painting of Charles was finished, and says he knew he couldn’t die because he ‘still had stuff to do’
  • Daily Mail: Podcast Queen! Camilla’s popular Reading Room series returns with literary guests including Neil Gaiman, Kate Mosse and Richard E Grant
  • Daily Mail: Happy anniversary, my sweet! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are celebrating their ‘sugar’ wedding anniversary but, six years after they wed in Windsor, there’s only a sour taste when it comes to family relations
  • Daily Mail: Meghan Markle’s £100,000 wedding dress that the Queen thought was ‘too white’ – as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex celebrate sixth anniversary
  • Daily Mail: Duchess of Edinburgh reads King Charles’ message of remembrance in Italy at ceremony marking 80th anniversary of the Battle of Cassino
  • Daily Mail: I masterminded the plot to blow up Lord Mountbatten: Ex-IRA commander sensationally confesses to being behind the assassination of King Charles’s beloved great-uncle who was murdered aged 79 during a holiday at his summer home in Ireland
  • Getty Images: Opening Ceremony Of the General Assembly Of The Church Of Scotland
  • Guardian: Too bald, too mad, too red … How royal portraits get it so wrong
  • Hello: Prince William set to play key role at Duke of Westminster’s wedding that Princess Kate will likely skip
  • Independent: Artist reveals why his portrait of the King is so red
  • Independent: Harry to miss Duke of Westminster’s wedding while William set to be usher
  • People: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Celebrate 6th Wedding Anniversary Following Africa Trip
  • TIME: King Charles III to Attend Ceremonies for 80th Anniversary of D-Day in France

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