Royals ‘plan to give Harry and Meghan the cold shoulder’ at the Coronation and ‘hope they are seated in Iceland’

MEMBERS of the Royal Family are planning to give Harry and Meghan the “cold shoulder” at King Charles’ coronation, reports say.

If the Duke and Duchess of Sussex do attend some royals are said to be hoping they are “seated in Iceland,” according to a source.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expected to attend the coronation of King Charles but some members of the Royal Family could give them the ‘cold shoulder’Credit: PA
Harry and Meghan are not expected to make an appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony


Harry and Meghan are not expected to make an appearance on the Buckingham Palace balconyCredit: Rex

Prince Harry, 38, and Meghan Markle, 41, have been invited to the ceremony on May 6 and while there has been no confirmation it is expected they will attend.

Their children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet are considered too young to attend the Westminster Abbey event by palace officials.

Harry and Meghan are likely to spend some of the day with their children as it is Archie’s fourth birthday on May 6.

The duke and duchess are also expected not to be invited to take part in the Buckingham Palace balcony appearance and its reported many members of the family do not want to socialise with the couple.

Charles WILL give Meghan and Harry place to stay if they come to coronation
Meghan & Harry WON'T appear on Palace balcony if they go to Charles' coronation

An unnamed friend of the family said: “They will be given the cold shoulder by very many relatives. One said to me, ‘I hope they’ll be seated in Iceland’.

“Many of the family just want nothing more to do with them. If they have to see them at the Coronation then so be it, but they do not want to socialise with them.”

Relations between Harry and Meghan and his family have become increasingly strained since ‘Megxit’ when the couple left Britain for life in California where they have set up home in Montecito.

Harry even described his brother, Prince William, as his “arch-nemesis” in his memoir Spare.

Harry is said to have “crossed red lines” by dropping private “truth bombs” and airing dirty linen in his shock book.

He also revealed in a recent interview with the controversial trauma expert Dr Gabor Mate that he had “learned a new language of therapy” but realised that “my family didn’t speak that language”.

Some members of the Royal Family are said to be bracing themselves for the arrival of the Sussexes in less than two months time as the date of the Coronation nears.

They are reportedly expected to stay at Frogmore Cottage during their visit to the UK.

The Sun exclusively revealed last month that the Sussexes had been evicted from their Windsor home but they have been allowed to keep it for a few months so they can sort out their belongings and get them shipped over to the US.

Harry and Meghan revealed last week that their children would use the titles of Prince and Princess when it was announced their daughter had been baptised in Montecito.

Around 25 guests gathered to celebrate the occasion – and members of the Royal Family were invited but chose not to go, PEOPLE reports.

The Sussexes allegedly asked King Charles, Camilla, Prince William and Kate to be there but they declined the offer, according to a source.

Instead, the duke and duchess were joined by three-year-old Archie, Meghan’s mum Doria Ragland, Lili’s godfather Tyler Perry and between 20 and 30 close friends.

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Being the grandchildren of a reigning monarch, the two young Sussexes are entitled to the rank.

Buckingham Palace has updated its official Royal website with their titles.

Relations between the Sussexes and and other royals have become strained since Megxit


Relations between the Sussexes and and other royals have become strained since MegxitCredit: Getty

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