Royal News Recap for Thursday, January 4, 2024

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Multiple Monarchies


United Kingdom

  • BBC: Jeffrey Epstein: Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton named in court files
  • Daily Beast: Prince Andrew Accused of Participating in ‘Underaged Orgy’
  • Daily Beast: Andrew Has Charles’ ‘Full Support’ Over Epstein Allegations
  • Daily Mail: The ‘final nail in the coffin’ for Prince Andrew: Bombshell Epstein file ‘underage orgy’ revelations will torpedo any hope scandal-hit Duke of York has of returning to royal duties, say experts
  • Daily Mail: From THAT ‘Pizza Express’ alibi, lies to Emily Maitlis and an infamous trip to New York in 2001: All of the hotly disputed sex claims against Prince Andrew, as he finds himself mired in allegations again after release of Epstein files
  • Daily Mail: Prince Andrew ‘had underage orgy on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island’ as girl was told ‘give him whatever he wants’, claim bombshell court papers that also name Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson, Stephen Hawking and a ‘well-known prime minister’
  • Daily Mail: RICHARD KAY: King Charles promised the Queen that he would look after Prince Andrew, but is he now regretting last week’s show of unity at Sandringham?
  • Daily Mail: Will Prince Andrew face investigation over Jeffrey Epstein list ‘underage orgy’ claims? Top prosecutor says he was ‘protected’ by palace when pedophile died
  • Daily Mail: Kate and William are a ‘normal mum and dad’ who queue for the tombola at school fairs and never miss a school event, sources claim
  • Daily Mail: Prince Harry’s explosive memoir Spare was the UK’s best-selling book last year with more than 700,000 copies sold – beating Richard Osman and the Guinness Book of World Records
  • Guardian: Epstein court files damage Prince Andrew’s hopes of restoring reputation
  • People: Epstein Files Unsealed: Prince Andrew Accused of Groping Woman’s Breast, and More Names and Allegations

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