Royal Family LIVE: King Charles delivers one final snub to seal Harry and Meghan’s UK fate | Royal | News

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  • Post published:December 29, 2023
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King Charles has delivered one final snub to seal Harry and Meghan’s fate by omitting them from his Christmas Day speech. Furthermore, there is also no mention of the pair in the BBC’s documentary about his Coronation.

The documentary about King Charles’s Coronation was broadcast on Christmas Day and featured not a single mention of either Prince Harry or Meghan Markle despite more minor royals being featured.

Despite the omission of Prince Harry from the documentary, according to viewing figures, it was the most-watched programme on TV in the UK that day. Around 3.7 million people tuned in to the special and also looked in depth at King Charles’s first year on the throne.

The airing of the documentary comes as speculation continues on what Harry and Meghan’s relationship with the Royal Family will look like in 2024 after an eventful 2023 which saw two controversial books about the pair published.


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