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King Charles’ display of Christian generosity on Christmas Day, allowing Sarah Ferguson to join him in church after a 30-year absence, suggests a potential path for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s return to the Royal Family, an expert has claimed.

The Daily Mail Diary Editor, Richard Eden, expressed this view in the latest edition of his Palace Confidential newsletter, emphasising the need for an apology from Harry and Meghan.

Sarah, Duchess of York, had a troubled relationship with the Royal Family, keeping her away from the Sandringham Christmas service for over three decades.

However, her return on Monday, parading alongside the royals in Norfolk, signals a shift in the King’s approach. Eden said: “The King’s embrace of the Duke and Duchess of York shows that there is a way back for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.”

By inviting Sarah to join Prince Andrew and senior royals at church, the King was able to publicly show his forgiving side and present a more united front for The Firm after a tough year. Eden said: “He demonstrated his capacity for forgiveness by inviting Sarah … the King is determined to be a forgiving monarch.”

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Prince Andrew, who had been stripped of royal duties by the late Queen due to his association with Jeffrey Epstein, is said to appreciate the King being so welcoming of his ex-wife, especially in light of upcoming court documents linking him to the scandal.

This forgiving side to King Charles could provide a way in for Harry and Meghan to mend the royal rift and reunite with The Firm – with whom they have not spent Christmas since 2018.

However, Eden pointed out that forgiveness requires repentance, which is a step yet to be taken by the couple. He said: “Unlike Harry and Meghan, Andrew and Sarah have never attacked the Royal Family. Quite the opposite: they have always lavished praise on their relations.”

He argued there is “no sign” that Harry and Meghan are willing to apologise to the King, or any other members of the Royal Family, for leaving and causing media frenzies throughout the year, leaving the future of the current royal rift “uncertain”.

Eden concluded that, until the King gets this apology from Harry and Meghan, Fergie could continue to enjoy “a more prominent role” within the Royal Family than his own son.

He said: “As all Christians know, before forgiveness there needs to be repentance. And we have seen no sign that the California-based couple are prepared to apologise to those they have betrayed with their insults and indiscretions.”

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