Princess Anne “incredibly honoured” after being asked to serve as The King’s bodyguard at his Coronation – Royal Central

Sources close to the Princess Royal says she is “incredibly honoured” to have been entrusted with the personal safety of The King at his Coronation on May 6.

Although there has at this stage been no official confirmation from Buckingham Palace, the Daily Mirror reports that Princess Anne has been made Gold-Stick-In-Waiting for the Coronation – a ceremonial role dating back to Tudor times.

The Gold Stick is a bodyguard position in the royal household, with the position holder expected to protect The King.

Since the start of the 20th century, the role has been mostly symbolic, and is only seen at major ceremonial and state occasions.

Royal sources told The Mirror that: “The direction of the King’s decision is clear for all to see.

“He is rewarding the Princess Royal for her loyalty and her unwavering devotion to duty above all else.

“The King values his sister as a trusted lieutenant and this is the perfect example of such a relationship.”

As Gold-Stick-in-Waiting to to The King, Princess Anne will travel behind Their Majesties in the Coronation procession on horseback.

Her Royal Highness will follow behind The King and Queen’s Gold State Coach, leading around 6,000 armed services personnel.

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