New details of King’s coronation revealed – including poignant choices by Charles himself

NEW details of the King’s coronation have been revealed – including a poignant choice made by Charles himself.

The countdown is on for the historic day, which is set to see thousands of Brits swarm London.


Finer details of the King’s coronation have today been revealedCredit: PA
A screen, which will offer Charles' privacy during his ceremony, has been unveiled


A screen, which will offer Charles’ privacy during his ceremony, has been unveiledCredit: Reuters

And as the days inch closer, finer details are being revealed.

Today a special screen, which will give the King privacy when he is anointed with Holy Oil, was unveiled.

The three-sided screen will be used when the Archbishop of Canterbury anoints the monarch on his hands, chest and head – the only part of the ceremony that is not viewable by the public.

And that was a choice made by His Majesty.

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The screen is created from poles made from a windblown oak tree from the royal estate at Windsor originally planted by the Duke of Northumberland in 1765 and special biodegradable thread, it depicts a tree with 56 leaves representing the Commonwealth nations.

Its design was also inspired by a window in the Chapel Royal.

MailOnline reported Nick Gutfreund, who led the project to build the screen, said: “The inspiration of the stained-glass window was requested by Charles.

“Each element of the design has been chosen to form part of the story of this historic screen, from the birds that symbolise the joy and interaction among members of a community living in harmony, to the rejoicing angels and the dove that represents the Holy Spirit.”

Nick explained that the screen was created in ways close to the King’s heart.

The project leader continued: “We didn’t want to spend money on things that aren’t going to be reusable. This screen could be used in future coronations. We’ve used materials that come from sustainable sources.”

The anointing ceremony confirms the monarch as the Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

Nick continued: “The screen is there to provide privacy to the most sacred part of the ceremony.

“Previously it was a canopy over the top, which didn’t provide real privacy. Now this three-sided screen provides absolute privacy during the process.”

In 1953 the canopy was suspended above the Queen’s head.

But as it was open on each side and rendered her visible to all those around her, the cameras focused on the altar ahead to preserve the mystique of the moment.

This time, the King will be completely out of sight of both the congregation inside Westminster Abbey, as well as the cameras, for his private moment with God.

Yesterday several key roles at the coronation were revealed.

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And, within that were some faces that you may recognise from outside the Royal Family.

The day prior it was revealed that Princess Anne had also been given a starring role as a thank-you for her “unwavering devotion”.

The screen depicts a tree with 56 leaves representing the Commonwealth nations


The screen depicts a tree with 56 leaves representing the Commonwealth nationsCredit: PA
Charles had a say in the design - and way it was made


Charles had a say in the design – and way it was madeCredit: PA

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