Meghan Markle and Prince Harry planning ‘big move’ for Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet | Royal | News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are tipped to make a grand debut for their children, Prince Archie, five, and Princess Lilibet, two, but they are waiting for one key thing first, a royal expert has claimed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have kept their children largely out of the spotlight but after their recent tour in Nigeria, some royal watchers were hoping they would take their offspring on any future trips abroad in the future.

Now royal author Tom Quinn claimed that this is exactly what “proud” parents Harry and Meghan will do, when the right time is due.

Mr Quinn claimed that Meghan is “acutely aware of what a great look” Archie and Lilibet’s appearance will have on the Sussex brand.

He told the Mirror: “Harry and Meghan are incredibly proud of their children, and when they are a little older and better able to travel, there is no doubt they will be taken on some of the couple’s tours.

“Meghan is acutely aware of what a great look this will be – the charming royal couple with their charming royal children will attract the sort of publicity that Harry and Meghan crave, especially now that they are so determined to be billionaire entrepreneurs.”

But the expert added that such a move could have an impact on the Royal Family as while the Montecito couple “go on with their increasingly prominent royal lives, Kate and William are left floundering”.

Harry and Meghan spent three days in the West African nation last week to champion mental health initiatives for soldiers and empower young people as they celebrate the Invictus Games’ 10-year anniversary.

The trip was labelled a success by many royal watchers, whilst others dubbed it an “unofficial royal tour”.

But the couple also hinted their Nigeria trip was not an isolated event, suggesting more such tours are being planned.

Harry told PEOPLE after their trip: “It is hugely important for us to meet directly with people, supporting our causes and listening, in order to bring about solutions, support and positive change.”

Talking about their future plans, he added: “There’s only so much one can do from home and over Zoom, so we look forward to travelling more because the work matters.

“Whether it’s the Archewell Foundation, Invictus or any of our other causes, there will always be reasons to meet the people at the heart of our work.”

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