I went to the Princess Diana exhibition – one thing hinted at Prince Harry’s royal return | Royal | News

Princess Diana: Accredited Access Exhibition unveiled in London on Saturday, May 25 – and will be open for royal fans to visit until September 2.

Last week, on May 23, I was invited to the press opening for the exhibition and one detail that I noticed hinted that a royal reunion with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could still be possible.

For the first time in the UK, world-famous royal photographers, Anwar Hussein and his two sons, Samir and Zak are able to showcase their own images of the much-loved late royal. It gives fans a glimpse into her life as a royal through some of the most memorable photographs captured in history.

As well as photographs of Diana from a shy teenager and fashion-forward icon to an adoring mother and passionate humanitarian, the pair also showcase special photographs of her sons’ Prince William and Prince Harry and their own families.

It doesn’t go unnoticed that Prince William and his wife, Princess Kate stand as two of the most popular members of the Royal Family – but the exhibition also shows the same amount of attention to Diana’s youngest son and his wife.

Despite not being senior royals for more than four years, the exhibition seems to push aside the ongoing feud between the brothers and show something that they have in common – both being Diana’s beloved boys.

The exhibition brilliantly captures the love that Diana shared for both of her sons. As well as documenting Diana’s role as a royal, the importance of family is very much at the forefront – which could lead way for a possible future reconciliation between Harry and William.

Split into different sections of the late royal’s life, the layout never appears to portray her life with William without Harry – and vice versa.

However, the most striking part appears towards the end. As you turn one corner you’re confronted by three pictures side by side of Kate, Meghan and Diana.

One sweet picture – which was captured by the Husseins – of Meghan and Harry with their son in 2019 is showcased in the prominent section.

With these being featured at the end, it could cast a message to both the Royal Family and the Sussexes to end their feud.

The idea of these three images – and collectively the amount of pictures of Meghan and Harry – being brought together could also leave visitors with questions over the future of the feud and whether, in time, it could be resolved.

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