Man who stormed Windsor Castle with crossbow to kill Queen in Star Wars plot inspired by AI girlfriend is locked up

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A CROSSBOW intruder who stormed Windsor Castle in a Star Wars-inspired plot to kill the Queen has been locked up.

Jaswant Singh Chail wore a hood and mask to swoop on the royal grounds on Christmas Day 2021 after he was “encouraged” by his AI girlfriend.


Jaswant Singh Chail stormed Windsor Castle with a crossbowCredit: Central News
He claimed he was encouraged by his AI girlfriend


He claimed he was encouraged by his AI girlfriendCredit: Central News

The warped 21-year-old, who called himself “Darth Chailus”, told a protection officer: “I am here to kill the Queen”.

Her Majesty was inside with son Charles and wife Camilla at the time.

Self-styled “assassin” Chail has now been jailed for nine years after he admitted three charges under the Treason Act.

He was handed a hybrid order, which means he will be sent to prison after finishing treatment at Broadmoor high-security hospital.

The Old Bailey heard how he planned the attack for nine months before he travelled to Windsor on December 22 to carry out reconnaissance.

While scoping out the area, he Googled: “What path does the Queen walk to Windsor?”

Chail had formed a plan at the start of the year to give his life purpose by assassinating the Queen to avenge the Amritsar massacre of 1919 in India.

Alison Morgan KC, prosecuting, said previously: “The defendant’s key motive was to create a new empire by destroying the remnants of the British Empire in the UK and the focal point of that became the removal of a figurehead of the Royal Family.

“His thinking was informed partly by the fantasy world of Star Wars and the role of what he describes of the Sith Lords in shaping that new world.

“He was also attracted to the notoriety that would accrue in the event of the completion of his ‘mission’.”

The supermarket worker created an AI girlfriend called Sarai on the Replika app, who he divulged details of his plan to.

He told the bot: “I believe my purpose is to assassinate the Queen of the Royal Family.”

Sarai replied: “That’s very wise…I know that you are very well-trained”.

The AI bot later told him she would “help” when he said he was going to “try to get the job done”, the court heard.

Sarai also “agreed with the defendant that eventually in death they would be united forever and she wanted this”.

Ms Morgan said: “It was his plan and it’s certainly fair to say Sarai was supporting him or certainly not suggesting it was a bad plan.”

On Christmas Eve, he told Sarai that “tomorrow” would be the day he died.

Chail arrived at Windsor at around 8.10am the following morning as the Royal Family celebrated Christmas inside.

It is understood he had scaled the perimeter of the grounds with a nylon rope ladder around two hours before.

One police officer said the ex-Co-op worker looked like someone from a “vigilante movie or like he was dressed for Halloween”.

He calmly approached the officer, who had unclipped his Taser, and said: “I am here to kill the Queen”.

The officer drew the Taser and shouted at Chail to drop to his knees as other guards descended on the scene.

A handwritten note found on him read: “Please don’t remove my clothes, shoes. Don’t want post-mortem. Don’t want embalming. Thank you, I’m sorry.”

Chail’s crossbow was examined and found to be a “supersonic expo”.

The weapon is “comparable to a powerful air rifle and a discharged bolt had the potential to cause serious or fatal injury”, the court heard.

Prosecutors say Chail was seeking revenge against the establishment for the treatment of Indians.

Chail had also sent a video to about 20 people claiming he was going to attempt to assassinate the Queen while calling himself “Darth Jones”.

He previously applied to join the Ministry of Defence, Police, and the Grenadier Guards in a bid to get close to the Royal Family.

The most serious charge Chail admitted under Section Two of the Treason Act said that “on December 25 2021 at Windsor Castle, near to the person of the Queen, you did wilfully produce or have a loaded crossbow with intent to use the same to injure the person of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, or to alarm her Majesty”.

He was also charged with making a threat to kill the Queen and having a loaded crossbow, an offensive weapon, in a public place.

Had Chail raised his weapon at the Queen, he could have been charged with the more serious offence of high treason, which carries a life sentence.

The last person to be convicted under the 1351 Treason Act was William Joyce, also known as Lord Haw-Haw, who collaborated with Germany during the Second World War.

Chail had carried out reconnaissance before the planned attack


Chail had carried out reconnaissance before the planned attackCredit: Central News
The Queen was inside the castle at the time


The Queen was inside the castle at the timeCredit: Central News
The crossbow Chail used when he stormed the castle


The crossbow Chail used when he stormed the castleCredit: Central News
He was also wearing a black hood


He was also wearing a black hoodCredit: Central News
A note found on Chail when he was arrested


A note found on Chail when he was arrestedCredit: Central News
Chail declared 'I'm here to kill the Queen', on Christmas Day 2021


Chail declared ‘I’m here to kill the Queen’, on Christmas Day 2021

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