King’s guard terrifies tourist after screaming in her face – and everyone’s saying the same thing

A KING’S guard terrified a tourist by screaming in her face after she posed for a picture with him – and it has everyone saying the same thing.

A clip of the confrontation went viral on TikTok after being posted by an account called @kingsguardofficial.


The unsuspecting tourist tried to pose for a snap with the guardsmanCredit: TikTok/thekingsguardsofficial
Her smile quickly disappeared after she got a little too close


Her smile quickly disappeared after she got a little too closeCredit: TikTok/thekingsguardsofficial

In the video, the woman, dressed in a red hoodie and holding a rose, leaned towards the guardsman as a pal tried to get a snap of them.

However, her grin soon disappeared when the soldier came to attention, turned to her and yelled: “Do not touch the King’s Life Guard.”

The stunned woman clutched at her chest in terror as she leapt back, before a nervous smile flickered across her face.

The guardsman, meanwhile, turned back to face straight ahead, with his sabre resting on his shoulder.

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Commenters were quick to take sides, with many suggesting that the shouty soldier had overreacted.

One wrote simply: “I would cry.”

Another added: “She didn’t even touch him.”

Meanwhile a third asked: “Why does he have to yell like that though? Relax guy.”

However, some defended his actions and slammed tourists for touching guards when they are not supposed to.

One person fumed: “He is doing his job. Royal Guards are not statues have some respect.”

Another said: “He’s not a Disney attraction, he’s a soldier so don’t touch.”

It comes after a different tourist got similar treatment when she slapped a guard’s horse three times.

However, the horses did win one back as one woman was bitten on the hair and flung backwards after getting too close.

The Ministry of Defence has been contacted for comment.

The soldier turned and shouted in her face


The soldier turned and shouted in her faceCredit: TikTok/thekingsguardsofficial
Social media commenters were quick to take sides


Social media commenters were quick to take sidesCredit: TikTok/thekingsguardsofficial

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