King Charles speaks of his pride in Prince Harry days after his Coronation decision

THE King spoke of his “pride” in Prince Harry just days after his youngest son agreed to attend his Coronation.

Charles, 74, hailed both William and Harry in a speech at Sandhurst military academy where both graduated as officers.


King Charles spoke of his pride at sons Prince William and Prince HarryCredit: Getty
King Charles inspected the 200th Royal Military Academy Sandhurst’s Sovereign’s Parade


King Charles inspected the 200th Royal Military Academy Sandhurst’s Sovereign’s ParadeCredit: Reuters

He inspected the 200th Royal Military Academy Sandhurst’s Sovereign’s Parade and also spoke of his own experiences “surviving” military training.

His speech came after Buckingham Palace confirmed this week that Harry will attend the coronation on May 6, but the Duchess of Sussex will miss the historic occasion and stay in California with the couple’s children.

Charles said: “As a father of two alumni of this academy, I know they will be full of immense pride in witnessing you on parade.”

He joked: “Having attended – and survived! – two of the other military academies 50 years ago, I think I have some idea of the challenges which are inherent in military training.

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“I have experienced the nerves, the exhaustion – even the self-doubt – but despite such recollections, it is the lifelong friendships which are forged through shared hardship, and the humour you find in the darkest hours of the coldest, wettest nights, which remain with you.”

Following his powerful speech in Berlin in which he referenced the illegal Russian war in Ukraine and the global threat on peace, he went on: “As we have now passed the first anniversary of the conflict in Ukraine, it is worth saying that I have been particularly impressed and proud of the role the British Army, alongside wider Defence, has played in supporting Ukraine.

“The UK has been a leading nation in delivering training expertise, equipment and advice alongside our allies and partners.”

He said that after a recent visit to Salisbury Plain and through the discussions he had with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky a few weeks ago, the King said he had learnt first-hand about this support and the positive impact it is having on the ground.

In 2006, Charles watched as his mother, the late Queen, personally reviewed Harry at Sandhurst when he was commissioned as an officer in the British Army.

After graduating from the University of St Andrews in 2005, William joined the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Following a 44-week course as an officer cadet, he was commissioned as a British Army officer in December 2006 and later served with the RAF as a search and rescue helicopter pilot.

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