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Sarah Ferguson has checked into the “world’s most luxurious spa” on the shores of Lake Altaussee in Austria, which is known to be popular with the rich and famous.

The Duchess of York was diagnosed with malignant melanoma after a series of moles were removed during her treatment for breast cancer earlier this year, with one mole found to be cancerous.

The former wife of Prince Andrew has been recuperating at the clinic, after friends said she was “in good spirits” despite serious bouts of poor health.

The Austrian clinic was inspired by the work of Dr Franz Mayr, an Austrian physician who claimed that the route to physical wellbeing comes from the gut.

Rebel Wilson and Suki Waterhouse have posted pictures online of their stays at the clinic on the lake, which charges up to £6,700 for a two-week stay.

The clinic focuses on teaching its clients about the importance of their gut health and digestion, putting them on a strict diet and telling them to chew their food up to 100 times to ensure it is properly digested.

According to Women’s Health, the programmes and plans are based on “Dr F. X. Mayr’s traditional medicine, combined with outstanding medical expertise, advanced and an extensive range of therapies”.

The resort is situated right next to the picturesque Lake Altaussee, with stunning forests and mountain ranges for the guests to enjoy during their stay.

Each programme at the Mayrlife clinic is built around the principle of detoxification, with the focus being on rest, strict cleansing of the digestive system and re-education of eating habits, such as learning to slow down and chew food up to 100 times to encourage proper digestion.

The detox, combined with individually tailored diets and holistic healing treatments, is designed to transform the health of its clients in just a week or two.

The client will also have a daily check-in with a doctor to monitor their symptoms, with potential changes to their diet and medication depending on their progress.

Supermodels Naomi Campbell and Karlie Kloss are known to have visite the clinic before, while actor and singer Suki Waterhouse shared her experience staying there on her Instagram last summer.

She posted: “Every year I try to go with my best friend @poppyjamie to @mayrlife_official home of the most stunning nature I’ve ever seen, the most mindful people and nurturing care you could hope for. Thank you so much for having us back @mayrlife_official.”

Actor Rebel Wilson also wrote online in 2022: “‘Working the Mayr method to reset my system for the rest of the working year.”

Rebel reportedly paid around £4,000 a week for a series of treatments including anti-inflammatory meals and cryotherapy treatments, however she later claimed that her 35kg weight loss was not due to the Mayr Method.

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