I’m an astrologer – how Meghan’s star sign reveals the REAL reason she’s dodged the coronation & Kate’s plans for queen

THE KING’S coronation festivities are in full swing but what would a royal event be without a little drama?

Even Kate admitted on her Soho walkabout there was a mix of ‘excitement and nerves’ in her and William’s household before Charles’ big day. 


It’s surprising Meghan is missing the coronation, the astrologer revealedCredit: Getty
Kate's a safe pair of hands thanks to her sun sign, but her moon sign means she's tough to forgive and forget


Kate’s a safe pair of hands thanks to her sun sign, but her moon sign means she’s tough to forgive and forgetCredit: Getty

According to astrologer and tarot card expert Kerry King, what’s really unfolding behind the palace doors can all be predicted according to the royal star signs. 

Here, she turns to the horoscopes of the honourable to lift the lid on this weekend’s big questions…

Why did Leo Meghan Markle miss the party?

It’s not like a Leo to miss the party so it’s surprising Meg is a no-show. This star sign gets serious FOMO, they’re born to rule, shine, and receive applause. 

So there must be a bigger opportunity brewing that missing the coronation is a strategic build-up to… what could it be? 

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But according to the tarots Meghan’s rising sign (what she presents to the world) which is Cancer has dominated here. Cancer is a sign known for emotional sensitivity and brooding self-pity. Combining Leo and Cancer Meghan is letting the world know she is upset, isolated, and hurt. 

Not coming is the equivalent of posting ‘feeling sad, focusing on me and the kids’ on Facebook so all your friends swoop in and only get the goss via your DMs. 

But why did Virgo Harry come then? 

In their relationship, Meghan’s horoscope means she is likely to be the passionate, imaginative, and ambitious dreamer. Her Leo sun sign and Libra moon sign combine to gift her with the vision, charisma AND the ability to create something from nothing. 

Harry is a practical, perfectionist, can-do, supportive Virgo. Meghan is the dreamer, Harry is the dream-maker.

The Leo makes the masterplan, the Virgo is busy putting the ducks in a row to make it happen.

He might have have played this role for his brother, a literal ‘king maker’ but, alas, we’re in a parallel universe now where Harry is busy possibly building a royal-alternative queen.

Will Cancer William ever forgive and forget with his Harry?

Judging by his sign, no. William is a Cancer sun, a Cancer moon, and a Sagittarius rising. Cancer is the second most vengeful star sign and never forgets a slight, a wound, a betrayal. 

In fact, betrayal ranks up there with death and destruction as trust is so fundamental to all Cancerians. 

They love hard, give everything, believe in their bonds, and put relationships first. 

William’s feisty Sagittarius rising sign possibly makes it really hard for him to keep a lid on his feelings.

What’s Capricorn Kate got planned? 

Kate was born on a lunar eclipse which amplifies her power and gifts her with a magical destiny, which she’s living up to so far. 

Her stoic, hardworking, family-orientated Capricorn sun sign makes her a safe pair of hands. 

Kate will put herself last when it comes to serving the Crown, her sign believes in tradition, institutional strength, and legacy. She is doing this for future generations. 

Her shared Cancer moon with William makes them very aligned on not forgiving and forgetting though.

They are 100% together on that which might not be ideal for the Sussexes.

Will Scorpio Charles be a good king?

Yes. Importantly, his Moon sign is Taurus, the same as his mother’s sun sign, linking them cosmically. 

Your Moon sign represents your private, emotional self so he has, over the years, observed and absorbed a great many lessons and examples from the late Queen as to how to rule. 

His moon nature wants to preserve and nurture legacy, which means he’ll carry on in her name and evoke the goodwill she enjoyed. 

However, he is a Scorpio so he might be a little more prickly and tetchy than his mother. 

Scorpio’s guard their privacy fiercely, and are very proud.

Scorpio however are the most vengeful sign going.

Is Cancerian Camilla up for this?

Well, she is a Cancer so her natural instinct is to retreat into her shell, live life in her private realm with her closest humans.

Yet, she has sacrificed this kind of life for her great love, Charles, who understands and appreciates what has been asked of her. 

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He is a fellow Water sign so they absolutely get each other emotionally and are in tune. They protect each other. 

Camilla’s rising sign of Leo gives her that bit of showbiz oomph, charisma, and outgoingness to get along and be a public figure.

Prince Harry will attend the coronation solo as Meghan stays behind in Montecito


Prince Harry will attend the coronation solo as Meghan stays behind in MontecitoCredit: AFP

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