Coronation Medal 2023: Who is eligible for King Charles’ coronation medal?

A coronation medal has been designed to mark King Charles and Queen Camilla’s coronation.

But what actually is the coronation medal? And who is eligible? We’ve got you covered.


The Coronation Medal will be given to those who have contributed to the big eventCredit: PA

What is the coronation medal?

The medal acts as a token of the nation’s thanks for those that have contributed to the King’s coronation.

According to the National Army Museum, “medals have been struck to commemorate the coronation of every British monarch since King Edward VI in 1547.”

However, the tradition of giving medals did not begin until the coronation of King James in 1603.

Who is eligible for King Charles’ coronation medal?

Everyone actively contributing and supporting the Coronation on May 6 are eligible.

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This includes:

  • Those who have actively contributed to the official Coronation events in Westminster Abbey and processions.
  • Serving members of the Armed Forces who have completed five full calendar years of service on May 6, 2023.
  • Frontline emergency personnel who have been in paid service, retained or in a voluntary capacity, dealing with emergencies.
  • Prison services personnel who are publically employed and have completed five full calendar years of service on May 6
  • Individual recipients of the George Cross or of the Victoria Cross.

What will the new coronation medal look like?

Coronation medals have been minted in a variety of sizes and metals.

The new medal is made of nickel silver and features the royal cypher on one side and images of the King and Queen on the other.

It also has a red, white, and blue stripe ribbon like the Union Jack.

How many King Charles’ coronation medals are there?

The number of coronation medals made has varied enormously from monarch to monarch.

it has been confirmed that more than 400,000 people are to receive a medal in recognition of their contribution to the King’s coronation.

How much is the Queen’s coronation medal worth?

If you collect coins, the Queen‘s coronation medal is a must-have.

You can buy it for £37.50 on the Award Medals website.

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