I’m a royal memorabilia expert – most valuable Coronation collectables worth £345 and how to make money from them

SHOPS have stocked up on memorabilia to mark the Coronation of King Charles III on May 6 – and some of it could end up worth more than the price paid. 

Collectables expert Tracy Martin has tips and advice on what to buy – that won’t only be a memento of an historic event but could also be a savvy investment.


Collectables expert Tracy Martin has tips and advice on what to buy

“Historically unless the item was owned by a member of the Royal Family, then the increase in monetary value is small.

“But there are things that do go up in value – and are worth investing in as there is interest from across the globe,” Tracy tells The Sun. 

Where to buy memorabilia

Where you buy your souvenirs from is important and the Royal Collection shop (the official gift shop of the monarchy) should top the list.

Though, act quickly, as most of its china range is already sold out.

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“Prices tend to increase quickly and can at least double in value.

“Pieces are crafted from the finest bone china and finished in 22 carat gold.”

A £40 circular pill box from the Coronation range has now sold out but this week one was re-sold on eBay for £95.

But you can still buy a dessert plate for £50.

The best memorabilia brands

Other brands worth investing in are Halcyon Days, the prestigious English manufacturer of fine bone china, and Spode, which has released classic blue and white commemorative pieces.

“Spode is affordable yet desirable with collectors,” Tracy says.

“And Halcyon Days signature enamel boxes have three Royal Warrants and have always been a popular area of collecting.

To commemorate the Coronation, they have released a vast range of plates, baubles, silk scarves and their iconic pill boxes.”  

Tracy also recommends pottery queen Emma Bridgewater’s collection as an investment.

“She has a tin tray and tea caddy for £10 each and a special collectors Crowns Coronation’ ½ pint jug on offer at £23.

“Collectors are always eager to snap up the English potters mugs.”

It’s not just ceramics that will increase in value either – even cheap commemorative food and drink could be worth money, so hold on to that biscuit caddy.

“Food packaging is a massive area of collecting as it is all about nostalgia, tins being at the top of the list,” Tracy says.

Other good collectables are toys, especially from Merrythought, the last remaining British teddy bear manufacturer.

And tote bags, the best bet being Radley with their strong collector’s following, as well as official coins. 

Tracy recommends buying British and purchasing limited edition products that come with certificates of authenticity.

“Invest in items that cross over to other collectable areas. Items that already have a collectable following such as Emma Bridgewater and the Merrythought bears are always worth buying into.

“Collectors are interested in the product regardless of it being a royal commemorative collectable piece.

“The Radley bags are perfect as it taps into the Radley bag collectors as well as those who collect royal memorabilia”.

Generally items will see an increase in value within at least five to 10 years.

“The collectables market is volatile like stocks and shares, there are highs and lows, so always watch the market and sell at the right time,” says Tracy.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to look after it well to make the maximum profit.

“Keep everything in mint to good condition, store away from direct sunlight and try not to scratch tins or crumple packaging.”

Tracy’s guide on what to buy


  • Halcyon Days limited edition Coronation bauble – £95. 
  • Halcyon Days gold trinket box – £60. 
  • Spode King Charles Coronation mug – £15. 
  • Spode covered sugar bowl – £35. These pieces are all sure to double in value or triple in value in the next few years, according to Tracy.
  • Pentreath & Hall  7” decoupage plate made from paper and glass, backed with a lacquered C18th map of London (limited edition of 200) – £65. This is worth considering and could rise to a value of more than £100.

Food and drink

  • M&S Commemorative Biscuit Tin and Tea Bag tin – £6 each. These will easily double in value, Tracy said.
  • Fortnum & Mason Musical Coronation biscuit tin – £35. This might not increase straight away but it’s worth holding on to and is a stunning tin.
  • AU Vodka limited edition King’s Coronation bottles – £34.99. Drink the contents to celebrate and then sell the empty bottle for about the same price, have you ever heard of a better deal?
  • Fry’s The King’s Coronation Peppermint/chocolate cream – £1.  This might go up in value if you don’t open and eat the chocolate inside.


  • Merrythought Charles II Coronation Cheeky bear (limited edition of 250) – £375. Should rise to around £450 in 10 years.
  • Corgi Toys Coronation RouteMaster Bus – £14.99. This should triple or more in value over five to 10 years.


  • Radley Coronation totes, handbags and wristlets – from £29-£299. These are sure to increase in value quickly and the totes can triple, with the more expensive bags adding 50%. 
  • Harrods King’s Coronation Tote – £40. Should make upwards of £60 within a few years. 


  • Westminster Collection Coronation £5 proof coin (limited to 4,995 coins) – £25. Should reach at least five times its value 
  • Westminster Collection dual plated Coronation 50p (limited to 50,000) – £4.99. Should go up by at least 10 times its value, perhaps a lot more.
  • The Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III UK Coin collection from The Royal Mint, including a 50p and £5 coin and one of a very limited number of Sovereigns struck on 6 May 2023, the day of the coronation.

This is the first opportunity to own a 2023 sovereign.

You need to register your interest on the Royal Mint website and it will come at a high price but it is the best investment as coins value rockets when it’s a small mintage and mint condition.

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How much have collectables from the Queen’s coronation made?

To get an idea of what your collectables could be worth one day:

  • Crown Derby Coronation Orb paperweight commemorating Queen’s 60th Anniversary – sold for £250 (these generally sell from £100 upwards depending on colour, design and condition)
  • Royal Collection Trust Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee teacup and saucer – sold for £346.99 
  • Emma Bridgewater Queen Elizabeth II 2 handled commemorative mug – sold for just under £200
  • Royal Doulton 1953 large Loving Cup (limited edition of 1000 with certificate signed by Art Director, Cecil J Noke) – usually make between £180-£240
  • Eric Ravilious 1953 Coronation Mug –make from £5 -£150
  • Original W & R Jacob & Co biscuit tin in the form of a Coronation coach (in poor condition) – sold for £175.

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