I’m a royal expert – Meghan Markle ‘snubbed’ King Charles on coronation and thinks she doesn’t need royals anymore

MEGHAN Markle snubbed King Charles on the day of his coronation and thinks she doesn’t need the royals anymore, says a royal expert.

On the day of the first coronation in 70 years, Meghan, 41, stayed at home in the US while Harry, 38, travelled solo to support his dad.


Meghan chose not to attend the ceremony today as Harry made a whirlwind visitCredit: BackGrid
A royal expert has said Meghan snubbed Charles on the day of his coronation


A royal expert has said Meghan snubbed Charles on the day of his coronationCredit: PA
Harry smiled as he made his way to Heathrow after the ceremony


Harry smiled as he made his way to Heathrow after the ceremonyCredit: Getty
Angela Levin said Meghan thinks she is bigger than the monarchy


Angela Levin said Meghan thinks she is bigger than the monarchyCredit: Rex

The ceremony fell on the same day as the royal couple’s son Archie’s fourth birthday – and is understood to be the reason Meghan decided against making an appearance.

However, a royal author has since said she “felt sorry for Harry” having to show up on his own since Meghan was happy to “snub” the Firm.

Angela Levin told The Sun Online: “Of course it is a snub.

“It’s saying ‘I don’t need you anymore now that I’ve gotten what I want’.

Harry grins at Heathrow as he jets to LA an hour after coronation
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“It’s outrageous. Meghan has got no sense of what is polite anymore.

“Does she think she’s bigger than the monarchy now?”

The coronation was the first time Harry had been with his family since the bombshells were dropped.

He jetted in from California on his own making a whirlwind visit before returning back to his family in the US.

In the UK for around 24 hours, Harry left the ceremony at Westminster Abbey and headed straight for Heathrow.

Angela told how Harry was made to look “vulnerable” walking into the church by himself adding he was clearly “self-conscious”.

She said: “I felt very sorry for Harry. I thought that it was tragic that a man so vulnerable would have to walk alone down the aisle in the cathedral while everyone else had their partners.

“I thought that it would have been very difficult for him.

“It was clear he was quite self-conscious. He had to pretend everything was ok when its not.

“I’ve spent a lot of time with him so I know what he’s like and he was nervous.

“Yes, he smiled at people and said good morning but you could tell just looking at his hands that he wasn’t having an enjoyable time.

“He was all clenched up – you could see the tension.”


Angela said the lack of time Harry took to congratulate Charles shows any positive change to the relationship is a “very long way away”.

She added: “Then hearing that he went straight to Heathrow was extremely sad.

“He had no time to say congratulations to his father.

“It shows he is a very long way away from building back up any family relationships.

“It doesn’t look as if he had any time with Charles or William. At most it could have been a few minutes.

“He flew in yesterday when we saw all of the royals on walkabouts so he wasn’t with them then clearly.

“And last night and this morning will have been filled with prep for the big day.

“The strength of how far apart the family are means that they can’t just throw a plaster on it and have everything be ok.

“It can’t have been sorted out in minute – they need days and weeks of sitting down and getting it all out.

“I don’t think we will be seeing Harry in Britain again for quite some time.”

Harry smiled and appeared happy throughout the two-hour ceremony, before making a swift exit as the King and Queen clambered into the Gold State Coach.

Following Harry’s exit, over 4,000 troops from across the three Armed Forces took off for the biggest military procession since 1952.

The service had ancient traditions – some dating back to 1065 – and saw Charles anointed and crowned with the 1661 St Edward’s crown.

The service finished at 1pm and the royals set off on a 1.4 mile procession back to Buckingham Palace which included the 4,000 troops.

The procession ended with a “three cheers” for the King and Queen by the five household regiments on Buckingham Palace’s lawns.

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The Royal Family then made their way to the famous Buckingham Palace balcony where they were greeted to rapturous applause from the thousands of fans who had gathered on The Mall.

Charles, 74, is the first king to be crowned in Britain since his grandfather King George VI on May 12, 1937.

Harry made the trip solo


Harry made the trip soloCredit: AP
Charles and Camilla were officially crowned today


Charles and Camilla were officially crowned todayCredit: Reuters
Harry left before he could appear on the balcony with the rest of his family


Harry left before he could appear on the balcony with the rest of his familyCredit: PA

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