How many languages does King Charles speak?

WHILE King Charles starts his first royal visits abroad as the current monarch, you may be wondering what languages he speaks?

He is known to have a keen interest in language learning as he has proven over the years.


King Charles III addresses the Bundestag in Berlin, Thursday, March 30, 2023.Credit: AP

How many languages does King Charles speak?

King Charles speaks four languages in a variety of proficiency.

These languages are English, Welsh, French and German.

He is also believed to have some kind of knowledge of Scottish Gaelic.

And it is also rumoured that King Charles is speaking Greek fluently.

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Where did King Charles learn to speak different languages?

King Charles learnt to speak French while he was in school, since it has been taught in England for centuries.

French is also the most spoken European language in the Royal Family.

King Charles father Prince Philipp had German ancestry and therefore spoke the language fluently.

It is possible that the King learnt the language from his father and while being in school.

In preparation for his official investiture of becoming the Prince of Wales in 1969, King Charles studied Welsh history and language at the University College of Wales in Aberystwyth for a term during his studies there.

King Charles stated himself that he is not fluent in Welsh as he only studied it for one academic term.

It is not quite clear where his majesty learnt Greek but it is reported by euronews that he spoke it on various state visits to Greece.

When has King Charles used different languages in the past? (been on tv etc? )

King Charles spoke Welsh in his speech for his investiture, where he became officially the Prince of Wales in 1969.

In 2020 he spoke a bit of Welsh when he sent a video message to mark the opening of a hospital in Wales.

His majesty addressed the Welsh parliament in September 2022 in Welsh as well.

King Charles spoke French during his speech in Canada on Canada Day in 2017.

He also spoke fluent to current French President Emmanuel Macron in 2020.

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In 2019 his majesty delivered a speech in German when he attended an embassy even in Berlin. The speech was however only partly in German and the King is not fluent in the language.

In 1991 King Charles learned some Gaelic so he could read his children book The Old Man of Lochnagar on Scottish TV.

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