Eight out of ten people think Prince Andrew’s memoir plan is a terrible idea, Sun poll reveals

EIGHT out of ten people think Prince Andrew’s revelation that he wants to write a shock memoir is a “terrible idea”.

The disgraced Duke of York, 63, is considering penning a book in a bid to clear his name and repair his tattered reputation, The Sun on Sunday revealed.


Royal experts say that while the book might make Andy some cash, he’ll only become more unpopularCredit: Getty

The shamed prince told pals a memoir would be an opportunity to get his side of the story out to the world – after paying millions to his sex abuse accuser in an out of court settlement.

At least two publishers are interested in Andy’s memoir but friends have told the prince to “forget it” fearing his book risks repeating the global royal scandal which accompanied Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’.

An online poll run by The Sun found 8 per cent of people thought Andy’s plan was a bad idea – compared to 20 per cent who wanted him to put pen to paper.

Royal authors have also raised fears that Andy wants to write a book potentially heaping more scandal on the Royal Family.

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Ingrid Seward, author of Prince Philip Revealed: A Man of his Century, said: “He obviously needs to make money; find something to do and prove his innocence. A book would cover all those areas.

“The public may not buy it, but they will be fascinated to hear what he has to say.”

Angela Levin, author of Camilla From Outcast to Future Queen Consort, said: “If he thinks he can rehabilitate himself after everything that has happened it shows how far his judgement is off.

“Prince Harry made a lot of money from Spare, but look what has happened to him as a result. His popularity has plummeted.

“Prince Andrew would make far less money from a book and he is already very unpopular.

“If money is what Andrew is after he won’t get anywhere near the same as Harry did.

“He is effectively copying his nephew and driving his brother round the bend. He can’t see the reality of his behaviour.

“What he doesn’t understand is that most people aren’t interested in what he would have to say.

“It wouldn’t be a book that would get the matter straight and clear his name when authorities in America still want to talk to him.

“I’m not surprised that 80% say he shouldn’t publish a book.”

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