Serbia’s Crown Prince and Princess support for tourism – Royal Central

The White Palace in Belgrade was the setting for a special focus on tourism with a look at links between Serbia and Greece and aims to encourage people from both countries to choose each other as holiday destinations.

Tourism is a major contributor to the economies of both countries.

The Serbian Crown Princess is born Greek, so the ties between the two countries are close. The Thessaloniki Tourism Organization, with the support of the Greek Ministry of Tourism, went to the White Palace to present “Thessaloniki in Belgrade”. This event highlighted Thessaloniki’s tourism as well as its business, gastronomy, cultural, educational, and attributes as a city break destination.

The event was held in collaboration with “Tourism Plus “and with the support of Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia. A significant aspect of the event was the signing of a Partnership Agreement between the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization and the Tourist Organization of Belgrade, which aims to increase tourist flows and investments in both cities.

The event began with a welcoming speech from Crown Prince Alexander and was followed by speeches from various distinguished guests, including the Ambassador of Greece in Serbia, the Vice Governor of Thessaloniki Region and the acting Director of the Tourist Organization of Belgrade.

The Crown Prince said: “We could spend days and days speaking about the sincere friendship between the people of Greece and Serbia and still could not cover everything that should be said. These brotherly connections have been shown and proven many times throughout history, and it is very important that we continue cherishing them and building even firmer bridges of friendship. Events like this make these bonds even stronger, I would say, unbreakable”.

His Royal Highness continued: “It is important that our people have as many opportunities as possible to visit each other, and get valuable knowledge about our cultures, our traditions, and our countries and nations”.

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