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Happy Birthday to Princess Isabelle of Isenburg, the Dowager Princess zu Wied, who turns 50 today! The Isenburg Princess, the sister of the current Prince of Isenburg, the Princess of Prussia and Archduchess Katharina of Austria, Princess Isabelle is the widow of the late Prince and mother of the current Fürst zu Wied, so today, we are featuring the Wied Tiara! 


A spectacular antique Diamond Tiara of diamond scrolls and honeysuckles on a lattice base, the origin of the Tiara is unknown but it could have possibly entered the princely family through ‘fat’ Princess Pauline, the only daughter of King William II of Württemberg, who married the 6th Fürst zu Wied in 1898. 

One of the more notable appearances of the Tiara came in 1993, when Princess Sophie Charlotte zu Stolberg-Stoberg, the wife of the 7th Fürst zu Wied, wore the piece at the Wedding Ball of Duke Friedrich of Württemberg and Princess Marie of Wied at Schloss Althausen, paired with an Amethyst Necklace and Earrings, the design of which match the motifs of the Tiara suggesting that they are part of a Parure.

Princess Isabelle was notably pictured in the Tiara only once, at the Wedding Ball of the Prince of Prussia and her sister, Princess Sophie of Isenburg, in Potsdam in 2011, along with the Amethyst Necklace and Earrings. With a couple of German Royal events coming in the next few months, lets hope we see this spectacular Heirloom again soon!


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