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POPPIES are worn as a mark of respect to those who died during the First World War and other conflicts.

The Royal Family is often spotted wearing multiple poppies during Remembrance Day events – here’s why.


The late Queen would wear five poppiesCredit: AFP or licensors

When does the Royal Family wear three poppies?

The reason why the Royal Family wears three poppies has not been confirmed.

However, one theory is that they wear multiple brooches in honour of family members who have fought and died in wars.

For example, Kate Middleton’s great-grandmother had three brothers who were killed in action during the First World War.

The Princess viewed letters from her ancestors during a poignant visit to the Imperial War Museum in 2018.

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Other people believe the royal’s decision to wear multiple poppies is simply because three poppies are more visible than one.

The late Queen traditionally wore five poppies – which are thought to represent each service in the war (the Army, the Navy, the RAF, the Civil Defence and women).

Other royal experts suggest her choice to wear multiple poppies could be a way to symbolise that she is the most senior dignitary at the ceremonies.

What do the poppies represent?

Poppies are worn as a show of support for the Armed Forces community.

The poppy is a well-known symbol that carries a wealth of history and meaning with it.

Wearing a poppy is a personal choice, and it reflects individual experiences and memories.

Why do some royals wear three poppies while others one or two?

The exact reason why some royals wear more than one poppy has not been revealed.

Camilla, Queen Consort chose to wear just one poppy in 2022 despite having previously worn three.

She is believed to have worn the poppy on the left side as it is closest to the heart.

The British Legion’s official website states that there is “no ‘correct’ way to wear a poppy” and it all boils down to personal preference.

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