Who lives at Windsor Castle and can I visit?

WINDSOR Castle has been the epicentre of Royal history for over 1000 years.

The castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. But can the public visit? Read on to find out.


Windsor Castle has been the residence of 40 monarchs since it was first builtCredit: Reuters

Who lives at Windsor Castle and can I visit?

Windsor Castle is home to around 150 people and was the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II before her passing in 2022.

Following the Queen’s passing, the ownership of Windsor Castle was passed on to King Charles, although he does not currently live there.

The Sunday Times reported that Prince William and Kate might move there, taking up new roles with their new change in status.

As long as King Charles is the Sovereign, he will be the rightful owner of the Windsor Estate.

Who lives at Windsor Castle and can I visit?
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The Queen lived at Windsor Castle for much of her reign.

Buckingham Palace was her primary but she typically resided in Windsor Castle on the weekends.

After Prince Phillip passed away in 2021, the Queen announced that she would be moving to Windsor Castle as her more permanent home.

When was Windsor Castle built?

Windsor Castle was built by William the Conqueror. He started building in 1070. It took 16 years to complete.

Since Windsor Castle was built, it has been the official residence of 40 monarchs and their families.

William the Conqueror chose to build the castle in that location because of its view of the Thames, as well as its closeness to the Saxton hunting ground.

Henry I was the first monarch to use Windsor Castle as his home in 1110.

Then, later, his grandson, Henry II liked the castle so much that he renovated it to make it sturdier.

The Queen was brought up at Windsor Castle, along with her sister, Princess Margaret.

The Castle has 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices, and 78 bathrooms.

Can I visit?

Windsor Castle is open to public visitors every day except Tuesday and Wednesday.

St George’s Chapel is not open to visitors on Sunday, as it is only open to worship.

You can book tickets to visit the Castle.

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Although Windsor Castle is a working royal palace, it sometimes needs to be closed at short notice.

The Semi-state rooms are closed until Autumn 2023.

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