Which robes will King Charles wear for his Coronation?

THERE will be several robes and crowns worn by the monarch as part of his coronation.

Here we take a look at what robes King Charles III will wear on his big day.


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Why do royals wear robes for a coronation?

Robes are worn by royals at coronations as a symbol of authority.

These robes often feature rich fabrics and intricate designs.

How many coronation robes are there?

For each part of the ceremony, a different robe will be worn.

There are a total of six robes, each playing their own distinct role in the coronation.

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These robes will include:

  • The Robe Of State
  • The Colbium Sindonis
  • The Supertunica Coronation
  • The Stole Royal robe
  • The Robe Royal
  • The Imperial Robe

What is the Parliament Robe or Robe of State?

The Robe of State, also known as Parliament Robe, is a long mantle worn by the British monarch when they enter Westminster Abbey.

It traditionally consists of a cape of ermine and a long train made of crimson red velvet.

This train is trimmed with ermine, trimmed with gold lace and embroidered with gold.

What is the Colobium Sindonis?

During the anointing part of the ceremony, the monarch is stripped of all celebrated symbols of status and wears the Colobium Sindonis.

In contrast to the Robe of State, this gown is a simple sleeveless white linen shift.

It symbolizes divesting oneself of all worldly vanity, to stand bare before God.

What is the Supertunica Coronation robe?

The Supertunica robe is worn over the Colobium Sindonis during the investiture.

The robe is a long flowing coat of golden silk and expansive sleeves that are trimmed in golden lace.

It is fastened by a golden buckle that is embellished with roses, thistles and shamrocks.

This has been worn by King George V, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II.

What is the Stole Royal robe?

The Stole Royal robe is placed on top of the Supertunica robe during the investiture part of the coronation ceremony.

The robe relates to priestly vestments.

This Stole was newly made for The late Queen in 1953 and presented by the Worshipful Company of Girdlers.

What is the Robe Royal or Pallium Regale?

The Robe Royal is worn by the British monarch when they are crowned at their coronation.

It is donned just before the monarch is presented with the Orb, Ring and Sceptres.

“Worn at the moment of crowning, this robe is embroidered with national symbols and imperial eagles crafted in silver thread decorate the corners of this four-square mantel.

“The Robe Royal takes on a priestly role: one of the divine nature of kingship,” says Historic UK. 

What is the Imperial Robe or Robe of Estate?

The crowned monarch then wears the Imperial Robe, otherwise known as the Robe of Estate after they are crowned.

The robe is a 15lb, 6 1/2 meter purple silk velvet coat that is trimmed with Canadian ermine and includes a sumptuous ermine cape. 

According to the Royal Collection Trust, Queen Elizabeth II’s Robe of Estate had a border of wheat ears and olive branches, symbolising peace and plenty.

It reportedly took 3,500 hours to complete and was embroidered by the Royal School of Needlework.

Will King Charles wear the same robes as Queen Elizabeth II?

It is yet to be confirmed if King Charles will wear the same robe as his late mother.

According to reports, he has been advised to wear an outfit for his coronation that goes against previous royal tradition.

In previous ceremonies, the monarch has worn silk stockings and breeches.

However, recent reports have claimed that King Charles will opt to wear his military uniform instead, the Telegraph reported.

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