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By Diliff – Own work, CC BY 2.5, Windsor Castle

After reports of who might or might not appear at King Charles III’s coronation, a surprising request to take to the stage may be coming from across the pond. 

Mr Calvin Codozar Broadus Jr., better known as rapper Snoop Dogg, has said during an interview with The Sun that he would be “down to perform at the coronation”, adding “make it happen”. 

This would be the culmination of a rocky history between the rapper and the United Kingdom. In 2006, he was involved in an altercation at Heathrow Airport that resulted in him being banned from the country, until the decision was reversed in 2010 by a court admitting that the decision to deny him permission to entry was wrong. 

Snoop Dogg says that Her Late Majesty played a part in this decision reversal. He told The Sun that her grandchildren, Princes William and Harry, pleaded with their grandmother to allow him in the country because they loved his music, and that she ended up saying “This man has done nothing wrong in our country. He can come”. 

This has brought on a “mutual love and respect” between the rapper and the Royal Family, according to Mr Broadus himself. 

It is not clear whether the Royal Family will be inviting Snoop Dogg to perform at the Coronation, as the initial focus had been on including artists from the UK and other Commonwealth countries. 

The Coronation concert takes place on May 7th 2023 at Windsor Castle. The full line up will be revealed nearer the time.

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