Where is Thatched House Lodge and who lives there?

THATCHED House Lodge is a palatial residence dating from the 17th century.

The Grade II listed property oozes elegance and style sat in one of the country’s most affluent areas.


Thatched House Lodge has a rich history and could no doubt tell some talesCredit: Alamy

Where is Thatched House Lodge?

Thatched House Lodge is set in the grounds of Richmond Park in Richmond-Upon-Thames.

The borough is a very affluent part of London.

With its sprawling grounds, it lives up to its rich history.

If it could talk, it would no doubt have some tales to tell.

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Who lives in Thatched House Lodge?

Since her wedding in 1963, the property has been the home of Princess Alexandra.

The cousin of the Queen Elizabeth II, the pair were incredibly close.

Princess Alexandra, or the Hon. Lady Ogilvy as she is also known, is the only daughter of Prince George.

Her brothers are Prince Edward (the Duke of Kent) and Prince Michael of Kent.

She took residence at Thatched House Lodge shortly after her wedding to  her late husband Sir Angus Ogilvy, who died in 2004.

It was once the home of British Prime Minister Robert Walpole but became a Royal property in 1963 and has been leased from the Crown Estate by Princess Alexandra ever since.

One of the lesser known Royal residences, the interior of the property matches the status it now holds.

How big is Thatched House Lodge?

It was originally built as two properties for the Richmond Park gatekeepers in 1673.

In 1771 the two properties were merged and it was renamed Thatched House Lodge.

The property has six reception rooms and six bedrooms, spread across four acres of grounds.

Thatched House Lodge also has a two-bedroom summer house in its grounds along with a gardener’s cottage and stables.

Within the grounds there is also a swimming pool which is accessed via a long concrete path.

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