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Monaco is one of the few countries in Europe still governed by male-preference primogeniture, meaning the eldest son inherits the throne over any older sisters (as is the case of Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella).

The succession laws are laid out in Princely Law 1.249 of 2 April 2002. Only the descendants of the reigning monarch and the reigning monarch’s siblings can inherit the throne. Moreover, the descendants must be from an approved marriage by the monarch and be citizens of Monaco.

If someone marries without the monarch’s permission, they can regain their place in the line of succession upon the dissolution of the marriage if the monarch is still on the throne; there is one catch – the union must not produce any children for this to be possible.

If no one is left in the line of succession upon the monarch’s death, the Crown Council will elect a new monarch from more distant members of the House of Grimaldi. The Council will serve as a regency until a new monarch is elected.

Monaco’s current line of succession to succeed Prince Albert II is:

  1. Hereditary Prince Jacques
  2. Princess Gabriella
  3. Princess Caroline of Hanover
  4. Andrea Casiraghi
  5. Sasha Casiraghi
  6. Maximilian Casiraghi
  7. India Casiraghi
  8. Pierre Casiraghi
  9. Stefano Casiraghi
  10. Francesco Casiraghi
  11. Charlotte Casiraghi
  12. Balthazar Rassam
  13. Princess Alexandra of Hanover
  14. Princess Stephanie
  15. Louis Ducruet
  16. Pauline Ducruet

If a child is born to parents who are not married at the time of their birth, they can be legitimised if the parents marry; this was the case for the Ducruet children, Balthazar Rassam and Sasha Casiraghi.

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