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The line of succession to the Jordanian throne is governed by Article 28 of the Jordanian Constitution.

The country abides by agnatic primogeniture; however, this can be by passed by royal decree.

To be eligible to be in the line of succession, one must be a mentally sound Muslim man who descends from King Abdullah I of Jordan. In addition, the man’s parents must be Muslim and married.

The monarch can bar people from the line of succession; barring one person from succession does not exclude their children from the line of succession.

The monarch can also appoint an heir, like one of his brothers, to succeed him. If there are no sons or appointed brothers of the monarch upon their death, the next King will be chosen by the National Assembly from the descendants of Hussein bin Ali al-Hashimi, who began the Arab Revolt.

King Abdullah II is currently on the throne. The first 20 in the line of succession to succeed him are:

  1. Crown Prince Hussein (elder son of the King)
  2. Prince Hashem (younger son of the King)
  3. Prince Faisal
  4. Prince Omar
  5. Prince Abdullah
  6. Prince Muhammad
  7. Prince Ali
  8. Prince Abdullah
  9. Prince Hamzah
  10. Prince Hussein
  11. Prince Muhammad
  12. Prince Hashim
  13. Prince Hussein Haidara
  14. Prince Mohammad
  15. Prince Talal
  16. Prince Hussein
  17. Prince Muhammad
  18. Prince Ghazi
  19. Prince Abdullah
  20. Prince Hassan

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