The Jewels of Queen Mary

Today marks the 70th Anniversary of the Death of Queen Mary, who passed away on this day in 1953! The Teck Princess who lived through the reigns of six monarchs and was the Queen Consort for twenty-five years, as well as a Queen Mother to two Kings and the Queen Grandmother to Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Mary assembled much of the British Royal Family’s massive Jewellery Collection, so we have been featuring some of the jewels in the days leading up to the anniversary, now rounding up the spectacular Jewels!

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Queen Mary’s Crown

George IV State Diadem

Queen Victoria’s Regal Circlet

Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara

Vladimir Tiara

Delhi Durbar Tiara

Cambridge Emerald Parure

Queen Mary’s Lover’s Knot Tiara

Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara

Queen Adelaide’s Fringe Tiara

Gloucester Honeysuckle Tiara

Cambridge Sapphire Parure

Teck Turquoise Tiara

Iveagh Tiara

Queen Alexandra’s Kokoshnik Tiara

Maria Feodorovna’s Sapphire Bandeau

Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau

Crochet Bandeau Tiara

Diamond Bandeau Tiara

Queen Mary’s Amethyst Tiara

Queen Mary’s Ladies of England Tiara

Queen Mary’s Surrey Fringe Tiara

 Cullinan Diamond

Queen Mary’s Art Deco Emerald Choker

Queen Mary’s City of London Choker

Queen Mary’s Diamond and Pearl Riviere

Queen Mary’s Diamond Choker Bracelet

Empress Maria Feodorovna’s Sapphire Choker

Queen Mary’s 11-row Pearl Choker

Coronation Necklace and Earrings

Queen Mary’s Love Trophy Collar

Queen Mary’s Diamond Stomacher

Cambridge Pearl Pendant Brooch

Queen Adelaide’s Diamond Brooch

Queen Mary’s Diamond Thistle Brooch

Countess of Snowdon’s Diamond Clips

Diamond Pendant

Prince Albert’s Sapphire Brooch

Queen Mary’s Russian Sapphire Cluster Brooch

Koh-i-Noor Diamond

Queen Victoria’s Bow Brooches

Queen Victoria’s Diamond Bracelet

Queen Victoria’s Diamond Bar Brooches

Queen Victoria’s Crown Ruby Brooch

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