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Keld Navntoft, Kongehuset ©

Queen Margrethe II will make the final procession of her reign in an historic carriage.

The Queen of Denmark will travel to Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen to sign away her throne in a carriage made to mark another milestone moment in her royal family.

Her Majesty will use the ‘Golden Wedding’ carriage which was made at the end of the 19th century to mark the 50th anniversary of the marriage of King Christian IX and Queen Louise. Now, their great, great granddaughter will use it for one of the most significant royal processions in Denmark’s history.

And it will have another place in history soon afterwards when the brand new King Frederik X and Queen Mary ride through the streets of Copenhagen in it following his accession and proclamation in the early afternoon of January 14th 2024.

The carriage was built over nine months in 1891 and 1892 by F.C Schulz of Copenhagen as a gift from the master craftsmen of the city to King Christian and Queen Louise who marked their golden wedding on May 26th 1892.

It is covered in black mahogany with the Danish royal coat of arms on both doors. The inside was upholstered in white silk and features the names, arms and crowns of Christian IX and Louise. The Danish coat of arms features on the high, outer coachman’s seat which is covered in red velvet and adorned with gold tassels.

This was the first Danish royal carriage to have electric lights installed and these will be switched on for the procession which will take the new king and queen back to Amalienborg as the sun will be setting in Copenhagen by the time they leave Christiansborg for home.

The carriage processions will be accompanied by the Horse Squadron of the Guard Hussar Regiment.

Queen Margrethe II will abdicate in a Council of State meeting which starts at 2pm on January 14th 2024 at Christiansborg and which will be completed by 2.15pm. King Frederik X’s reign will begin instantly and he will be proclaimed to the people of Denmark as their monarch by the country’s Prime Minister at 3pm that day.

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