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  • Post published:January 8, 2024
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Queen Margrethe’s abdication will take a matter of seconds and will be done by 2.15pm on January 14th 2024.

New details released by the Royal Family of Denmark indicate that the change of throne will be a fast matter.

The Council of State which will see the historic move will start at 2pm on January 14th with Queen Margrethe surrounded by her son, Frederik, and his son, Christian.

As soon as the Danish monarch completes her signature on the Declaration of Abdication, the throne will pass to the new Frederik X. And Queen Margrethe is scheduled to leave Christiansborg Palace, where the abdication happens, at 2.15pm meaning the historic event will last a matter of minutes.

Soon afterwards, the new King Frederik and Queen Mary will meet invited guests before the Prime Minister officialy proclaims the reign of Frederik X from the balcony of Christiansborg at 3pm.

After that, a carriage ride will see the new King and Queen of Denmark travel through the streets of Copenhagen.

Queen Margrethe has reigned since January 14th 1972.

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