Queen Margrethe postpones more events after extensive back surgery – Royal Central

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has postponed a series of summer events as she continues to recuperate from extensive back surgery.

The Danish queen was set to tour a number of areas of her country in May and June but these visits have now been moved to 2024 to allow more time for recovery.

A city visit in Allerød set for May will be postponed. Furthermore, trips to Bornholm, Ertholmene and Halsnæs have been put back. Queen Margrethe was set to visit them during her traditional summer cruise but will now make the trips next year.

However, parts of the cruise will go ahead. Her Majesty is set to board Royal Yacht Dannebrog at Holmen on May 2 2023 to mark the start of its sailing season. Queen Margrethe will travel from Copenhagen to Elsinore where the yacht will tour Kronborg Castle before making the return trip to Copenhagen.

As the changes to the itinerary was announced, the Danish Royal Court said that although Queen Margrethe’s recovery was going well, her recuperation was taking longer than expected and added that her involvement in public events would be lower than usual.

Queen Margrethe underwent extensive surgery in February since when her elder son, Crown Prince Frederik, and her sister, Princess Benedikte, have acted as regent in turn in her place. Her Majesty is expected to appear in public again for the first time on April 16 when she marks her 83rd birthday.

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