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Det Danske Kongehus You Tube still/ fair use

The Queen of Denmark surprised the world on New Year’s Eve 2023 when she announced her plans to abdicate.

Margrethe II, who had said in past interviews that she wouldn’t give up the throne and would reign until her death, told Denmark she is stepping aside on January 14th 2024 in favour of her elder son, Frederik, as ”the time is right”.

The news shocked Denmark with the country’s Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, noting that many in the country had never known another monarch.

The surprise announcement came at the end of a powerful New Year’s speech – watch the whole historic broadcast below.

Margrethe II became Queen of Denmark on January 14th 1972 on the death of her father, Frederik IX. Her reign will end exactly 52 years later and the throne will pass to Frederik X.

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