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A TikTok hairstylist has revealed the secret to Princess Kate’s often flawless hair even when she is out and about.

Professional hairstylist Bekah turned to TikTok and revealed Kate’s not-so-secret secret, which is… simply hairspray.

The video on Princess Kate’s bangs has gotten a lot of attention with over 54K likes and 873 comments on TikTok.

While hairspray may be the obvious tool, Bekah provides a breakdown – in her video, she says: “Watch her hair. The wind blows. Her hair doesn’t move at all.”

“She uses tons of hairspray to keep her hair in place, to keep her bangs in place.”

The hair guru added: “So if you want bangs, and you live in a windy city or humid city, you have to use product in order to keep them still.”

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Not everyone is a fan of Kate’s look, with some claiming it looks stiff and that there’s a disconnect between her fringe and the rest of her hair – some users even claimed it looked like she was wearing a wig.

One commenter came to the Princess of Wales’s defence and said that even if the Princess was wearing a wig, she would still need to use hairspray.

Another TikToker spoke about their struggles with bangs and the weather. They wrote: “Uh, I live in Livingston Montana, where the jet stream touches the earth. I can’t go outside without hairspray or my bangs end up in the next county.”

And how does Kate take care of her long locks? According to Yahoo, the Princess uses Kérastase Nutritive Bain Satin shampoo and Kérastase Nutritive Lait Vital conditioner.

The Parisian brand also carries hairspray, called Laque Couture Hair Spray (£28).

According to, Kate opts for a more reasonably priced hairspray, L’Oreal’s Elnett Satin (£11).

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