Princess Kate beams alongside Jill Biden as US First Lady attends King Charles’ coronation instead of the President

PRINCESS Kate was snapped beaming alongside Jill Biden this evening as the US First Lady arrived for the coronation in place of her husband.

US President Joe Biden was said to have had other plans already locked in before receiving the official invite to the King’s big day.


US First Lady Jill Biden, the Princess of Wales and the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska were all smiles at this evening’s Reception for Heads of State at Buckingham PalaceCredit: Kensington Palace
Jill giggled away as she chatted to Princess Kate


Jill giggled away as she chatted to Princess KateCredit: AP

And as the US President couldn’t attend he was said to have asked his beloved wife to step into his place.

The Princess of Wales and Jill were seen with smiles ear to ear at the Reception for Heads of State at Buckingham Palace this evening.

The pair posed for photos with the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, and mingled with other leaders.

Kate, Prince William and King Charles have had a big day after starting off with the final coronation rehearsal and then heading on a walkabout.

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The group made a surprise appearance – to the delight of the royal-loving crowds that had come together ahead of the big day tomorrow.

The trio took time to shake hands with members of the public as people cheered, took selfies and sang God Save the King.

King Charles joked about the weather with adoring fans on the Mall today after they were soaked by heavy rain.

He also asked royalists if they were camping out ahead of his coronation as he shook hands and laughed with them.

The Princess of Wales described the King’s coronation as a “great moment for celebration” as the Prince praised The Mall’s “party atmosphere”.

The prince and princess posed for selfies on the other side of The Mall to the King, and chatted to people behind crash barriers with Kate telling one person she had an early start tomorrow but the occasion “is a great moment for celebration”.

When one woman told William she had flown from Phoenix, Arizona, and would be camping out in The Mall overnight, he replied “No way, well done you.”

He added with a smile: “There’s not much sleeping going on around here, they’re all sat in their chairs. I think there’s a good party atmosphere.”

With rain forecast for Saturday he put his hands together and said: “I pray you guys stay dry.”

Princess Kate was snapped chatting to a royal fan on the phone, too.

The royal was handed the phone to speak to Texas-based Debbie Hoover’s aunt, who was in Tennessee with a broken leg.

BBC journalist Chi Chi Izundu reported Debbie’s aunt was meant to be with her family at the coronation, but the injury heartbreakingly meant she had to stay back home.

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Kate apparently said: “Are you feeling OK?

“Come and say hi Julie when you’re back over here but I hope you get better soon.”

Jill's granddaughter Finnegan Biden joined her, too


Jill’s granddaughter Finnegan Biden joined her, tooCredit: PA

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