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The King looks set to encourage a more ceo-conscious Britain, with fashion brands fearing a cull of royal warrants could soon follow.

Royal warrants are provided to people or companies who have regularly supplied goods or services to the Royal Household, with industries including agriculture and tech among over 800 royal warrant holders.

The fashion industry also makes part of the warrant holders, but with Charles’s commitment to environmental issues, many brands are fearing revocation of the unique mark of recognition.

The document allows companies to use the Royal Arms in their branding, and is currently held by many recognisable garment makers, including Burberry and Barbour.

The monarch decides who is able to grant the warrants, with Prince Philip and then-Prince Charles granted power alongside Queen Elizabeth II.

Under King Charles’s reign, Prince William could see himself granted the power to hand out the royal warrants, with Queen Camilla also a possibility, as an upcoming review of the document is expected.

Paul Alger, the director of international affairs at the UK Fashion & Textile Association told the Telegraph: “The first question that we still have not seen an answer to is how many grantors will there be.

“There are conversations going on in the industry about whether Queen Camilla and the Prince of Wales will do it as well.

“But I think there is a level of concern because everyone is thinking about what happens to those royal warrants when for example there are fewer people to give them.”

He added: “We are fairly confident that His Majesty will want to look at perhaps a little bit more in-depth detail on the sustainable and ethical practices of businesses that are given warrants than in the past.”

Helen Brocklebank, CEO of Walpole, which represents Britain’s luxury goods sector said that sustainability had been a priority for the Royal Family for years.

She expects a continuation of what she described as a “rigorous sustainability process” to maintain royal warrants.Mr Alger says current holders are “nervous” about what could follow a royal warrants shake-up.

He said that there was a fear that firms will lose their royal warrants altogether and with it the power that the endorsement represents.

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