Prince William fears Andrew’s link to Jeffrey Epstein ‘will haunt Royal Family forever’ | Royal | News

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  • Post published:January 6, 2024
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The Prince of Wales fears that Prince Andrew’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein will “haunt” the Royal Family, an insider has said.

The Duke of York was recently named in released court documents including flight logs to Epstein’s private island and allegations that Epstein forced a teenage girl to have sex with the Prince multiple times.

Prince Andrew has always denied such allegations and settled a claim by Virginia Guiffre in 2022 without admitting wrongdoing.

Now, Prince William is reportedly worried that the claims against his uncle and his link with Epstein will “haunt” their family forever.

The source told the Mirror: “William was very clear that, in his view, Andrew can not be trusted.

“There are investigations and revelations emerging in the cases brought by Epstein’s victims.

“This will haunt Andrew and the family forever. In William’s view, Andrew should have no role with the family at all.”

But the insider said that King Charles will not cast Andrew out of the family.

They said: “Charles promised his late mother he would not abandon Andrew once she was gone and that remains the situation unless, of course, he finds himself engaged in a criminal matter.”

Prince Andrew’s daughter, Princess Beatrice, was seen visiting him after the release of the court documents.

She was seen driving into Andrew’s home at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, where her mother Sarah Ferguson also lives.

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